Vacation mode

I have five cameras set up to come on only at night, with motion and sound events notifying me that something has been detected. So far I have caught two lightening storms and a fly. Probably need to work on the sensitivity to correct that, but here’s my real question: If i leave town for a weekend, is there a better way to set the cameras so that they stay on the entire time we’re gone, so that i’m notified of any activity at any time during the day? The only way I see to do it is to take away the event timers I have set up. I don’t want to have the cameras on during a regular work day as someone is home all day. Thanks for any help.

Please let me know if you have any luck with detection sensitivity. I haven’t had any luck at anywhere from 1 to 100.

Sorry I can’t help with scheduling. I am sure some will respond soon.

Just manually disable the scheduled rule when you go on vacation. But make sure you have everything you want on before clicking disable otherwise it would stay in that state. This way you won’t loose your preset schedules, and can go back to business as normal but re-enabling them.


Just had a thought I wanted to add and have have a timestamp. Follow up to my above post, under Rules and then Shortcuts, add a “universal action” of being able to enable and disable scheduled or triggered rules. That way one can truly have a vacation mode shortcut that enables or disables already set rules. Wishlist topic maybe? Just need to be able to name triggers and schedules now. :crazy_face: