Sunset sunrise rules

The Sunset rule will turn the camera on, but if you set the end time option to turn the camera off, it does not appear to turn the camera off. I want to capture events from sunset to sunrise. The only way I could do this was to have sunset rule to start camera and have the event recording set to “all day”. I was hoping the camera would turn on at sunset record all night and turn off at sunrise. well it turned on recorded but did not turn off.
Any feedback from the forum on the rule.
Keep in mind I am in Australia and you can not save your location as the state field is a drop down of what looks to be ASA states.

I suspect that if you can’t save your location then the rules won’t work. The app needs location data to determine sunrise and sunset.

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When you tap on Sunrise or Sunset, you should be presented with a map and a location text entry box at the bottom of the screen. “pinch” the map to zoom out, drag the map to your location anywhere in the world, ignore the “Invalid location” messages as you drag the map, zoom in and set the location icon on your AU location and tap Save:


Are you creating a Rule/Schedule from Wyze app Home > Add/Create (“+” icon upper left) > Add Rule > Schedule ???

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I will try again but I do use the map but the save button is grey and does not work.

I am no expert but I think it wants a USA state this are in the drop down list. It does save my postcode and when I go back into location it is the same postcode but a different address.


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Understood and I feel your pain. :pensive:

Don’t forget to vote on your wishlist item. I forgot to let you know I moved it over to wishlist a week ago. :+1:

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Thank you

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Make this a Wishlist item. The US is currently their target audience, but they need to accommodate the rest of the world from here on if they ultimately want to sell to everyone! :slight_smile:

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Ref: Post #5. :+1:

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Okay I will.

Can you advise me if in USA does the camera turn off if you Eg set it to close at sunrise.

Yes, it will turn off at sunrise if you specify “Sunrise” for the Rule/Schedule “Start Time” with Add Action/your cam/Turn off the camera.

And it will automatically turn back on at sunset if you specify “Sunset” for the Rule/Schedule “End Time”.


Do you know in USA does this sunset sunrise work and does it turn the cam v2 off at sunrise

Sorry just realised you already answered this question

Sorry just realised you answered my question by saying yes it does turn off.

Looking at the picture you set I might have done it wrong. I set rule to start and stop all in one rule. So in mine there are two rules start and stop. But you show start at sunset close at sunrise but just one rule turn camera off.

There are many ways to create rules that do the same thing. You can create 2 separate rules, but you really only need one with the new rules engine. You can choose whichever way suits your needs.

My rule turns off and back on in the same rule. Everything you list under “Add Actions” is performed at “Start Time”. If you list both Turn off and Turn on under Add Actions, your cam will turn off and immediately turn back on at your Start Time. You should only list Turn off.

Specifying the optional End Time performs the opposite of what you list in Add Action. In this case, that would imply Turn back on. So if you list Sunset as End Time, your cam will turn back on at Sunset without having to list that action under Add Action.


Can you please advise when looking at the Home Screen on the Wyze app and in the top right hand corner it says “on”, does this mean the camera is on. Using a rule to turn the camera off at sunrise should the Home Screen display “off”.

My cam V2 always displays “on”.
Picture attached.


The “On” button indicates that the cam is on, but I’ve never seen a Wyze home screen displayed like that. :thinking:

It should show a smaller static thumbnail of your cam’s feed with the on/off button to the right like this:

Please provide the following if you can:

  • Phone/tablet model
  • Phone/tablet operating system version
  • Wyze app version (Wyze app Home > Account > About)

Also… do you have screen zoom turned on or some other sort of visual aid enabled?

My home screen is different, I guess this is because I have one camera you seem to have many.
IPhone 8
Operating system 15.2.1
Wyze app 2.28.9 (all)
I do not remember turning on zoom on and I looked so do not know how to confirm if itv is on.

I have show below what I have set up on my cam V2. Again the sunset sunrise does not work so maybe it is how I set it up. Appreciate your comments.

I am still having issues trying to set up my Wyze CamV2 set up so that it records motion events from 30 min before sunset to 30 mins after sunrise.

I set up all the rules but the CamV2 records events all day long.

What rules I have set up are

  1. Turn camera on.
  2. The start time is 30 mins before sunset
  3. There is no end time
  4. Action is Turn camera on
  5. This rule by default is set for everyday of the week
  6. This rule is enabled.1. Turn camera off.
  7. The start time is 30 mins after sunrise
  8. There is no end time
  9. Action is Turn camera off
  10. This rule by default is set for everyday of the week
  11. This rule is enabled.1. Turn motion detection on.
  12. The start time is 30 mins before sunset
  13. There is no end time
  14. Action is Turn motion detection on
  15. This rule by default is set for everyday of the week
  16. This rule is enabled.1. Turn motion detection off.
  17. The start time is 30 mins after sunrise
  18. There is no end time
  19. Action is Turn motion detection off
  20. This rule by default is set for everyday of the week
  21. This rule is enabled

Under settings I have the following set

Event recording

This is set for all day

Motion is on

Sound is off


Record to MicroSD card is on

Events only

Night Vision mode is set to Auto

As I started in the star the cam records events all day. What am I doing that is wrong?

I am pleased to advise the camera turned off this morning so assume the sunrise turn off works.
I thought I would let the cam go through a 24 hour cycle to see if it needed this to work. Yesterday it recorder events all day. So I am pleased that it turned off this morning.

The next point of interest will it turn on tonight at sunset, time will tell.

Thanks for all your assistance.

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Great to hear! :+1: But you’re going to run into random unwanted behavior:

Your 3rd and 4th rules to turn motion detection on/off aren’t necessary as rules 1 and 2 turn the cam off. You can’t turn motion detection on or off while the cam is off.

Depending on which rule in each pair (1/3 and 2/4) runs 1st, you will end up with misbehavior on random days. For example, at sunset, rules 1 and 3 run. Because both rules run at the same time (sunset), you can’t predict which rule will run first. If rule 3 (turn motion detection on) runs before rule 1 (turn cam on), motion detection will not turn on because your cam was not turned on at the time to receive the rule 3 command.

I’m confused as to what you wish to accomplish. Are you simply trying to not record during the day? Or are you trying to record 24/7 and not receive event notifications during the day? Or something else?

Also, we can provide much quicker help if you post screenshots instead of typing text explanations of rules/schedule, etc.

If you aren’t familiar with screenshotting, this should help: