Set a rule to startup cam 30 minutes before sunset

I can’t find a way to start recording before my parrot goes to bed. Since her bedtime centers around sunset & sunrise, it would be best if I knew the time & set start accordingly.
Is it hiding somewhere?

Hello and welcome to the forums… Nothing in Wyze app allows you to specifically use sunrise and sunset. However if you use Alexa and have it linked to Wyze you can create a routine that DOES allow use of sunset and sunrise… It may be worth your time to investigate

I have seen the option, but only in a time laps. Maybe set up a time laps for sun up just to get the time and then delete it or will a time laps work for you?

I can’t figure out how a time lapse would work.

I know what you mean though because yes I’m asking for the cam to grab the sunset-sunrise times from the internet then plus-minus 30 minutes to start stop.
It can’t be overly complicated because my Scott’s GRO sprinklers work that way.
But I don’t see any type of input from the cam to set it up.
I can also see how I’d want that same setup for the outdoor cams.
Thanks for writing.

When your looking at the live preview, tap “more”. You should find the time laps there

Shifty, you are right, time lapse is there but scheduling requires static times not self regulating ones like Sunset and Sunrise which are dynamic

So can I grab dynamic times? Or any other solution?

Investigate where please? How to start? I have Alexa but I’m a new user


Are you trying to take a time laps every day?

Alexa routines will let you grab sunrise/sunset and time offset, but Wyze has provided limited access to Cam functions thus far. Specifically power on/off. However, if you have an SD card and your Recording schedule is set to constant, that should turn your cam on and it should begin recording. Haven’t tried this myself with a cam but I do use the Alexa routines with plugs and bulbs successfully.

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I wish I had a definitive answer for you, for complex things I generally try IFTTT. Our options to date are limited

Google “how to use IFTTT with Wyze cameras”

Gosh thank you so much for this answer. I’m a retired computer programmer since 1998 & you’d think I could understand how to grab overlay programming easily.
But in my work I wrote the C++ code that allowed the mods & macros & underlying code for menus programs, etc.
I can’t seem to grasp how to use other people’s code.
When I left, the government was just buying into Oracle forms. I provided the data for the user to make browser & PC speciality programs.
I have been looking at IFTTT & its just a blur.
If you got alexa to work, I commend you. So far I can set alarms & play country music!
Thanks, kitty🤣