Unable to change or set future start time for time lapse or schedule recording on WOC

Unable to change or set future start time for time lapse or schedule recording on Wyze Outdoor Cam.
When trying to schedule time lapse recording. Or schedule a recording to start for a future time, the app is not allowing to change from start time now to next day or start in an hour.
Wanted to record time lapse of an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunrise with 20 second increments. When trying to set the time the day before, it highlights like the other cameras do except when you click o.lan time or day nothing will pop up like it does for the other Cams. This is a recent problem that I have noticed. It last worked that I know of was September 29th, have used it or tried since then.
And now the only start time is the now start time.

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Hello and welcome to the Wyze community @mickyrigit. I don’t have WOC so I am not sure if this would work, but can you create a rule where at a certain time, the outdoor cam starts a time-lapse instead of setting a time-laps in the camera’s settings?

Thank you
There doesn’t appear to be a rule to create time lapse.
Still unable to get the calendar and time to pop up when trying to make any custom time change.
The image only shows which option to create a rule for.

Do you have any conflicting rules in place? For example: do you have a rule where at a certain time, you have the camera turn off.

No there is no rules at this time setup.
When going into setup the WOC, the camera has to be active before it would allow you to access the screen to click on time lapse.
These instructions are the same for the other Cams.
The only difference is when you click on the time to change time, and then click on the blue time month, time to open and edit, There is no pop out window to edit day and time.

To set up a Time Lapse video:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Cam Outdoor .
  2. Tap the More below the Live Stream, then Time-Lapse .
  3. On the Customize tab, set a Start Time , Recording Duration , and Interval .
  • Or select one of the Presets, like Sunrise, Clouds, or Flower Blossom.
  1. Tap Set to schedule your Time-Lapse.

When going into the WOC to start a time lapse, the option comes up as if you can change the time and date,
And when you click on it, the pop up window that allows you to change it does not open up like it does for the other cams and like it was able it last time I tried September 29th.

This screen does not open on the WOC when attempting to do a schedule custom start time.
It opens for all the other cams except the WOC.

  1. Do you think you could share a screenshot of what happens when you open a time-lapse on WOC?

  2. Are you using a beta version of the app?

Are you able to view the last two screens shots from reply 6 and 7 it only allows me to do one screen shot at a time so I posted multiple replies.
If you follow the same instructions even on the cams, you will still get to the screen that should allow you to edit like on reply 6 of this thread. And screen shots on reply 7 of this thread that window does not open.
Below is the screen shot of the options of scheduled time lapse. Just can not change for a customs start time and day.

So you are not able to click on where it says “Start time, Now”?

I can click on the start time now, and get the next screen that you would click to do custom.
And it will seem like it is going to allow a change and then click on the time to change and the calendar window will it open to make the change.

Are you trying to change the time increments?

Unable to get the window in the screen shot on 7 of this thread.

I am wanting to start the time lapse for tomorrow morning to start at 6:30am and to end in 2 hours with a 10sec interval.
I do not want to wake up at 6:30 AM just to start the time lapse.
I would like to set it like I did the last time I used it on the WOC. And on the other Wyze cameras I have.

If I don’t click on custom it will start at sunrise and only go for 10 minutes. Not getting the light of day before sunrise or the color of the clouds after full sunrise.
There is a lot being missed with the preset config of 10 minute record time,

Sounds like a bug to me, here is how to report it


Thank you, I have been searching the form this past week and couldn’t find anything related to this issue.
I couldn’t find anything if others was having this problem with the WOC.
I will get it reported.
Thank you for your time and help with this trouble shooting.
Take care my friend.

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No problem! It has been an adventures past 3 hours :joy:. I hope everything works out.

Take care and have a great rest of your day!

I am also with you on the issue you have. Click time or date and no calendar pops up. I also was hoping to do some time lapse recordings.

Let me know if you figure it out!

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Will do!

I have the exact same problem, unable to change the date when setting a timelapse on when WOC. Able to change the timelapse start date on other V2 cameras. Contacted support who told me to delete the app and reinstall. It didn’t help. IOS 14.2, Iphone 11. Ticket # 51722
The app update today fixed the problem.