Can't Create A Simple Routine To Schedule On/Off


  1. Press + in Home
  2. Add Rule
  3. Select Schedule
  4. Start Time
  5. Sunrise
  6. Set Location (this is accurate)
  7. Save
  8. Start time for sunrise is given as 1:08 PM!!!
  9. End Time
  10. Sunset
  11. Set Location (this is accurate)
  12. Save
  13. No end time was given (Your start and end times may overlap…

I must be doing something incorrectly. Any help will be appreciated.

Try syncing the camera you are trying to create the rule for.
Go into camera>Settings>advanced settings>Sync Time

Also, is the time/time zone set correctly on your phone?

I synced the camera, The time was still incorrect. The time displayed on the iPhone is correct.

And this is a rule to turn a camera on/off at sunrise/sunset?

Hmmm Ok I just tried the same thing and it captured the current time when I clicked Sunset as start time after I hit save.

I selected start time again and clicked on Sunrise then Sunset, and Sunset stayed as the selection.

So when the it shows a time click back in and toggle between the two options and see if it sets for you.

I am on the Wyze iOS version 2.45.0(6)

You could try creating 2 rules.

Rule one to mirror the start time of sunrise for on and Rule two to turn the camera’s off at sunset.

I will check mine to see which, if any rules uses sunrise and sunset.