Account merges subscriptions, support tickets, order history and forum

This feature is a request for our actual accounts on the page as well as the app. I would like to be able to open my account on computer or in app and see any past support ticket requests, subscriptions (i.e. camplus, PD which is currently found on Wyze services as a separate login) and my orders/billing info. Currently any support tickets submitted are only found in old emails and the Subscription page is separate from the account/orders page. Even the forum is a separate page. Link all together! Thanks!!

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If things are on the same email account you should be able to access them by logging in. I do the same thing on my Wyze app then log on the computer to type on the forums.

My orders are still there on the same Email address I log into on the App with. But if its separate emails, Wyze support may be able to merge the tickets, but not the orders or information you have associated with another email account. They’re just separate.

Thanks for your comments. I actually use only one email for Wyze as well as user/password. Currently we cannot see the open/resolved tickets we’ve submitted in the app or website (that I’m aware of). When on the website under Accounts - yes one can see orders and profile however it doesn’t list subscriptions. That is a different webpage that requires login again. This was just a wish for it all to be tied in. As the company grows its products so should the usability of the website.

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It would seem very logical to be able to add Wyze products to my Wyze account that were purchased on Amazon - or purchased prior to creating my account. This is not only helpful for warranty purposes but will very likely to be needed for future services integration.

I would like it if all your Wyze orders could be shown in your account. Right now, only those purchased on the website and using the native payment tool show. It would be nice to have the ones that use Paypal or Amazon payments show up too, as well as an option to upload receipts or invoices from other companies like Amazon or Home Depot that sell your products so you could get a view of all your purchases in one place. I currently have 6 or more Wyze products and not one of them is visible in my order history.

I need to check all my order history. I think I ordered 2 scales, but have only received 1. Where can I find that?

Website and App purchase centralized

I don’t know why services purchased via the phone app (iOS or Android) don’t show up on the website? What is the point of my account if it does not reflect what I have purchased and have access to with this company?
Please enter the current century and link all purchases that have been made with a users account information to that users web account.
Not really a new concept and I’m amazed it isn’t being done now.


Why can I not see any of my purchases for services in my order history in both the app and on the website? I do not even get an email when you charged my credit card for CAM Plus. I almost had my credit card company refuse to pay it because I had nothing showing what the charge was for. This is very POOR business to not give the customer a receipt nor have it show on their account. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!