No access to subscriptions!?!?!

I received an email about subscriptions renewal:

This is just a reminder that your subscription to Cam Plus Yearly for Camera Bundle will invoice automatically on Dec 17, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

I click on and it takes me to:

Click on the account icon top right and it takes me here:

??? What’s & why do I need another account to login because my wyze creds don’t work there?

OK, So I got to directly Account – Wyze after logging in, click on
subscriptions. I have no subscriptions? And yet I see the subscriptions on wyze app, but I can’t manage them there—I have to go to where they don’t exist?



For dealing with subscriptions, try using

That should work much better.


Unfortunately I got too frustrated with trying to access my subscriptions I got support involved in chat and asked them to just cancel my subscriptions. Of course shows me I have no subscriptions like before.