Accessibility Colors / iOS Smart Invert & font scaling

Below are some areas that the young whippersnappers with 20/20 vision who develop this app could improve on (from the experience of someone who is over 40).

1, Firmware update screen

85% of the screen is unused. Meanwhile, the update progress text is an 8 or 9 point font and the text asking not to poweroff the cam is not much bigger. Why not remove the cute follows-the-progress-bar % progress text and use all that blank space to add a 48 point % progress indication? Is there a technical reason all text in this app forces many over 40 to pull out their reading glasses?

  1. Lack of support for Smart Invert on iOS.

It is bad enough that the app seems to come bundled with only very small fonts, but the light green-on-white font color lacks contrast, which acerbates usability for older users even more. Smart Invert works for most of the UI, but the video views do not support it, so appear similar to negative photographs (for the young developers, ‘negatives’ are a term used before you were born, back when film was a thing).

  1. Lack of support for iOS system-wide font scaling (Dynamic Type)

Settings->General->Accessibility->Larger Text

Thanks for your consideration!

The On/Off circle on the right side - make it a solid color so it is easier to see in daylight. I know that the light green color if kind of your go to color (like on this forum) but make the color reflect the state of the device and a less muted color.

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It would be nice to have accessibility controls with various color schemes and dynamic text. According to World Health Organization, approximately 2.2 billion people have vision impairment. This revision would make it possible for more people to use the app, and greatly improve the experience for many more.

I’ve seen this in another forum, but they directed to here. I’ve been using Wyze for about 2 years now. One complaint I’ve always had is with the app and the contrast. I found myself very frustrated today trying to configure my new Wyze PanCam - I couldn’t figure out if I had Motion Tracking on or off, or any of the other features. I’m red/green color blind, so I would guess this contributes mightily to it. When there’s just one option, trial and error works OK, but when there are a few features that can compliment one another or it’s not obvious that it’s working, it makes it pretty difficult on us color-blind folk!

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Good points. Wyze is apparently working on upgrades. The more noise they hear, the more important it gets to them. I advise that you go to your App Store and give Wyze a review.

Same here!!! Good to know I’m not the only one. I thought my motion tagging was broken because when I’d press the icon to turn it on or off, the menu would simply close and I wouldn’t see a change in anything. To me, the gray and green colors used to indicate on or off on that icon are 100% indistinguishable. I made a thread about it thinking it was broken.

They really should use colors that are more contrasting so us half-blind people don’t have to struggle to use some of the features in the app.