Can't tell if a particular feature is actually selected or not

When looking Cam Pan v2, and other cameras for that matter, when I hit the More item to set the Motion Tagging, Motion Tracking, Pan Scan, etc., I can not tell when a particular item is on or off.

When I tap the item it jumps back to the main screen for the camera and when I go back to the More screen I can’t see a difference to see if an feature is turned on or off.

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The items should be Wyze Teal Green when selected:

If yours are not changing color, you may need to update or reinstall the app.


You’re missing siren or is that a Cam Pan v1?

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:+1: PanV1

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Ah ha. Thank you!

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I really can’t tell, I see a very slight difference but I’m sure it’s because I’m color blind… like 8% of the male population, and Wyze picked some really bad colors. If they stayed on the More screen when I tapped the button I might be able to see it change and tell what’s going on. Sucks to be me!

There really isn’t much contrast between the items of ‘different’ colors which doesn’t help much either.

My phone is a Pixel 6 Pro and messing with the Color correction really doesn’t help either.

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Please post a screenshot of your “More” page so we can ensure no issue exists.

You may also wish to vote for and/or comment on this wishlist request to help move it along:

and this one too:


Difference between these two images is that I tapped Motion Tagging.

Also on my Pixel 6 Pro I’ve selected ‘Use color correction’, Red-green, Green weak, deuteranomaly. When I have this selected my wife says “What the heck is wrong with the colors on your phone!” Things really don’t look any different if I turn color correction off.



Thank you for the screenshots. The difference is relatively easy for non-colorblind users. Most of us agree that an app-wide change to color use is necessary. I see you are commenting on and voting for change in the correct places. Thank you. :+1: