WyzeCamPan “More Settings” On when gray

My WyzeCamPan “More” settings seem to be operating backwards. The camera pans when the pan icon is gray, the motion tagging puts a square around moving item when the icon is gray,etc.
Just received the camera today, and setup went smoothly.
Firmware version:
iOS version 13.3

If you have the motion detection zone set the cam will pan back to that after a few seconds of pause when you are actively planning. Turning on the detection zone automatically turns off pan scan.
I don’t understand the motion tagging box being active when turned off. I would try:
-Power cycle the cam- unplug, wait ~20 secs and re plug it in.
-then try uninstalling and reinstalling the app itself.
I just tried mine- same IOS and firmware and it works fine.
Good luck and let us know if this helps.


Actually, I think I was operating backwards. I’m colorblind and to me, the color of the buttons appears lighter when a function is operating, which in my mind indicated the opposite should be true.
Thank you, romp