Low contrast in app

i don’t know what this idiotic trend is all about, but what’s the point of the low contrast menu options in the website designs? In the Wyze app, we’ve got a light green text over white background. Not useful. Please consider providing a bit more contrast. Yes, my devices are configured for higher contrast but that doesn’t help.



The low contrast within the Wyze app screens make it almost impossible for my 94 year old father to use the app. I love that we can share devices and that I can assist him with lighting and security but the light green/white color scheme is not helpful for those with limited sight capabilities. Perhaps add a high contrast setting???

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These are good suggestions, but there is a forum section called Wishlist which is used for suggestions to the Wyze developers for new items or improvements. There is one thread in particular very similar and several close. Check this one out and either Vote for it or if you wish add your own. Either way, be sure to vote!


Closing this topic in lieu of the existing topic listed above by @tomp. Please continue the discussion in that thread. :slight_smile: