About the doorbell

I live in an older house. The current doorbell has jst two wires to it. Obviously it’s just an on/off switch to the circuit.
My question has to do with the wiring needed for the WYZE doorbell: will it work with the two wires I have, or does it require the three wire in newer homes?

The setup video shows an installation on a two wire doorbell.


Welcome to the Wyze community @Bogartsboss!
All (wired) doorbell systems will have 2 wires going to each push-button.
See the video @kjay provided for more wiring information and instructions.

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Is there a recommended height for installing the doorbell? Hi high or low can the doorbell be installed and still get a good video?

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According to Ring, 48 inches is the suggested height, but the height of your existing doorbell should be fine.

Wyze, I’d add this to your support page!