a way to transfer ownership of a device to someone you have shared with

I set up a lot of these plugs at work for people in different departments. I want to be able to hand off the ownership and control of these plugs to those department leads without deleting the devices and having that person set them up again. there should be an easy way to transfer ownership of the device.

It sounds like you are setting these up in a more commercial application like a business. Although they can get great use that things like this they’re more designed for the use of a residential home in that it’s something that a limited number of people are going to use and substantial ownership transfer was never really in the thinking stream of a product like this.

If I am in correct in guessing your application please feel free to correct me. You are better bet might be to set up an account for the workspace that everyone can log into. That way the people who need access to a can have it and if it’s not me that anymore you can just change the credentials similar to computer systems in a workplace. That way the right people have access to them have you don’t have to worry about transferring “ownership”

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All people that you set them up for must have the same 2.4ghz wifi SSID as yours,

I agree with @Bam – create an account for them, then tell them they can change the password after you leave.

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