Transfer admin power

I have 5 Cams which were installed by my daughter. After a falling out, she left home. So, I need to transfer the admin power to my account. She has not responded to me so I assume that she will not relinquish the power. Meanwhile, she lives someplace else and control most of the cams in my house…

All you have to do is unplug all of the cameras, create your own wyze account with your own email and password, , set up each camera on your account as a new camera, she will no longer have access to the cameras.
The only thing she will have access to after you set them up new on your account is , the 12 second clips that were created before you unplugged the cameras , after that she will have no access.


I was assuming that you do not know the email and password for the account, if you do know that , all you have to do is log in and change the password , and she will no longer have access.
After you change the password or set up a new account you should set up 2 factor authentication.

Nope; she keeps her secrets to herself…hence the falling out.

OK then , you should go with my first post if you want the cameras in your home to be controlled by you

As @HDRock points out a reset is the way to go. If you need to know how these are great instructions.


Until you decide what to do, at least unplug them so that she will not be able to access them or view live footage.

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I got them all changed; end of problem…but I would rather reconcile and have her come back…