A real snake in the grass

The wasp that triggered the recording is not the point of interest. Take a look at just below center.


Nice. That’s not something that’ll get caught on camera very often,

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You should check your event history if you’re utilizing that feature @MostlyHarmless42. If so, perhaps it shows the snake crossing your driveway since it was heading in that direction.

Thanks for sharing your video :snake:.

wheres Jennifer Lopez…theres no way of telling…it might have been an anaconda! :wink: a baby one at least

Man, that is a big snake to be so easily recognized at that distance! Any guesses what kind of snake it was? I saw MostlyHarmless42 lives in VA, so these are some likely candidates:

Northern Black Racer

AVG = 36"-60"
VA record length = 70.7"

Eastern Ratsnake

AVG 42-72"
VA record length = 79.8"

There are other options too depending on which county OP lives in, but those 2 live around the whole state and appear to be more common.


Probably a ratsnake. We have lots of them around here.

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Could be an eastern indigo. Cool catch on your cam.