Big Ole Rat Snake in the Yard

Watch the Lower Right Corner.
Probably better to watch at a faster speed rate. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :open_mouth:


Nice! That’s a nice long one. I’m surprised he changed directions and went back so quickly.

I like snakes. I once caught 56 garter snakes in a half hour.
Sold most of them to a pet store for store credit to but other pets too (I caught snakes all the time…I’ve probably caught hundreds…mostly garter snakes).
I’ve been bit by some garter snakes, the babies don’t have any teeth, and I knew how to intentionally get them to bite me (not in anger…just hold my pinky under their mouth in a certain way that they’d want to hold on to it). The big ones do have tiny teeth that will prick, but they rarely bite and they don’t hurt much. Just have to be careful about infection.

Last week I saw a [garter] snake in my yard and for the first time ever I didn’t try to catch it (not counting the venomous ones I purposely avoided), because my oldest daughter was gone, and my youngest 2 were sleeping, or I would’ve caught it to show it to them. Now I kind of regret not letting it take a swim in my pool :joy:

Have you ever seen a snake up on your feeder? I know snakes will climb trees to get at nests. But I don’t if they try to catch healthy adult birds.

Yikes, I do NOT like snakes. But I won’t kill these guys. I just don’t want them slithering around in my attic (I have an audio recording of one doing just that!) or trying to get my chickens’ eggs (which they haven’t done yet).
My ex and I lived in Spain years ago, and he caught a big snake in the field. He kept it in a glass tank in the living room. I hated that thing. He wanted to photograph it, so he took it in the yard and told me to grab it by its tail. I was afraid it would bite me, but he assured me it wouldn’t. So I did. The thing turned right around and struck at me. He lied. I went crawling backward so fast that you would probably have laughed hysterically. I said never again! When my ex went TAD, the thing would strike at me and hit the glass every time I walked by the tank. I covered the tank and got a neighbor to help me carry it out to the field and let it go.
When we were in Gtmo, Cuba, He’d found a 10’ constrictor and kept that outside in a large terrarium. We used to walk through old bunkers to flush out bats that he’d catch for it. It wasn’t mean, and after some time, he let it go.

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Yes! Last summer. By the time I ran outside, it had already gotten down and was slithering along the side of the house. I prodded it to leave the yard and go toward the field out back. I looked back on the camera and only caught a glimpse of it.