A question about camera sharing

I have an old friend that wants to watch one of my cameras. OK… He does not have an email address. Did I say OLD??? He barely know how to use his Android phone. I can setup the app. Is there an easy way to share the camera with him? Or best way is to make up an email and look up the email on his phone internet?

You have the right idea.
I would set up an email for him, then create a Wyze account for him, then share the device to the Wyze account you made for him. Then go accept that shared camera in his new Wyze account.

Once you do that, go to his phone and download the Wyze app for him and log in to the new account you created for him and show him how to access the camera, and tell him to please not put the on/off button. :slight_smile:

It seemed to be the work around. Thanks

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