A Nice Close-up of a Cardinal Having his Lunch

Thus is my defective V3, where the focus is stuck on close-up. It has since lost the ability to detect the storage card. Maybe the slot is just dirty.


I don’t think he has missed to many meals. :rofl:
Maybe the contact pins on your card are are dirty ? Have you tried different cards?

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Yes, I put a new card in there and get the same msgs.

I keep a can of CRC Electronic cleaner for stuff like this.

Whatever you do, don’t blow into the camera.

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Thanks, I put it on my wish list for later. I’m glad you said that because I was going to blow into it! 🫨

Forgot to ask you use it. The description doesn’t say.

Spray right into the SD card slot, with the slot facing down. Just a spritz.

If you blow into it, your breath contains moisture which will cause corrosion.

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Thanks. Will get it next week. Could I stick something soft in there to try and clean it?

I wouldn’t stick anything in there. Might damage the connector. The electrical part is too far inside to reach anyway.

Could be a bad camera but cleaning is easy.

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Ok thanks. I may eventually replace it with a V3pro. But I’ll use it until it dies.

Thanks to whomever for removing the Vietnamese spammer.

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Better get them back :grin:

Get them back?

The person who deleted the first spammer :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:
I’ll just flag it and see what happens.

Ohh ok. Haha, I wasn’t sure what you meant. Yeah, I did flag the last one.

Please do not spam.

I saw your friend was back with a new name and got erased again. :rofl:

Oh good.