A new low for Wyze marketing? 🤨

I wanted to give this 24 hours to sink in before I posted to see if anyone else would. Seeing no others, I feel compelled to ask this: Does anyone else think that yesterday’s “June News” marketing e-mail from Wyze hit a new low? Specifically, I’m referring to these last two sentences in this paragraph:


I appreciate edgy humor, and Wyze has done some unconventional and silly advertising in the past that I’ve found to be clever and funny. This e-mail message certainly wasn’t Wyze’s first foray into the realm of what some consider tasteless. I also understand that the desire to be seen as young and fresh these days often means jumping on the bandwagon of current or trending social media hashtags.

That doesn’t mean it’s the right or even “wise” thing to do, though. This was neither clever nor funny. This was crudely grasping at low-hanging fruit.

I imagine that there wasn’t exactly a conscious decision to intentionally offend recipients of the message, but really, though, who at Wyze had this thought? “Y’know what would be a great way to sell some cameras? Let’s mention fellatio—twice!—in a mass message to our current customer base!”

Honestly, I don’t care if I’m the only one here who was disappointed by whoever at Wyze decided it would be a good idea to wade into the morass of the crass and try to sell security products with thinly-veiled references to sexual acts, and I realize that I risk being labeled a “prude” (or worse) for even mentioning this, but I do think there are more acceptable settings for this sort of thing, and a mass e-mail message to…how many millions of customers?…doesn’t make that cut.

I’m aware of the Community Guidelines and fully expect this post to receive at least some attention from the Moderators. I just wish Wyze’s marketing department would consider the same or similar guidelines and exercise some measure of decorum when sending mass e-mails to their customers, specifically:

Keep it clean. Don’t post any swear words, obscene descriptions, or sexually explicit material. This is a family friendly area.


Keep the language, links, and images safe for family and friends.

Wyze marketing clearly failed here. Do better, Wyze.


It must’ve been directed to US customers only, as I didn’t receive such email :thinking:

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I’m old, didn’t receive that ad, don’t really do social media and am not familiar with the references. If Wyze used it, it’s acceptable for you to reference their ad and verbiage. We will moderate subsequent replies only if they contain text, graphics, audio and/or in-line video that violates the Community Guidelines.


I did notice it yesterday. I mentioned it to a couple friends in DM’s that I was shocked they included the reference as it had a lot of potential for PR backlash and I wonder how many people just didn’t know the viral pop culture reference. I fully expected this would’ve been publicly posted about yesterday and was surprised it took a whole day for someone to mention it.


I had to look up the reference. It is just some social media bimbo giving her take on giving oral $ex. I only have critter media


Yeah, that’s why I waited, too. I was curious about what others would say first.

I want to be clear, also, that I’m not trying to be any sort of morality police, and that I can appreciate risqué humor in a setting where I expect to find it and even seek it out. I’m not above making an off-color comment, but the choice of audience is vital. I’m a fan of South Park, for instance, and think that the “Broadway Bro Down” episode is hilarious. I also really like the music of The Constellations, and that includes their song, “Felicia”. (I’m not posting links to either of these, but those of you who are curious can seek them out on your own.)

This was just an unforced error on Wyze’s part and was done in poor taste (pun only slightly intended), in my opinion—and that’s all this is, one schmuck’s opinion.


The term wasn’t ever associated with s e x until this video came out. It’s a common slang for spitting so I didn’t understand what the fuss was about until I saw the clip.


I was trained by the United States Navy to appreciate such foul language. I totally missed the reference. Thanks for pointing out what I totally missed, but then I don’t follow social media.


It is my position that everyone flirts with everyone. Wyze is flirting with you and it’s making you squirm. :slight_smile:

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I get triggered when people talk about Goldman Sex. Very creepy.

Defunct brand revivification attempt

Well that’s a little edgy… Evinrude!

Cultural Decline courtesy The Rude Bros, Otto & Evin, out of Skokie IL.

They’re just trying to motor on?

In my opinion, :raccoon: are more mature than most “current” US people.

  • Pull cord

  • Start engine

He who pulls the cord may start the engine :steam_locomotive: :woman_mechanic: :motor_boat:

I’m a US customer and I didn’t see it either.

Off-hand it wouldn’t have bothered me enough to complain, but I do agree that it was inappropriate – unfortunately just being “inappropriate” has become normal lately.


Saw it. Grinned. Didn’t care. Moved on.


I’m trying to wrap my head around this… Wyze made a joke about an irrelevant attention seeker who preys on lonely men with money and you are offended by this. Am I comprehending this correctly? Honestly, anyone who is offended or “triggered” by this has life way too easy. I recommend hopping off the internet and going to any location near you which has massive storm damage during the monsoons and helping folks put their lives back together. It’ll fix your perspective. :slight_smile:

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WOW! I am shocked there are any people in the world that have a distain for crude things these days. It certainly wasn’t that long ago that what was bad was actually bad by mostly everyone. Not like these days where the tables have turned and what was bad is good and good is now bad.

I didn’t get the reference, but I have been seeing/hearing it lately, so I had to search and I have to thank you for saying something. There’s obviously nothing wrong with a company joking around. I think it’s awesome when they do, but I agree, when it has to do with something sexual, companies need to be more professional. Such a weird world we live in, eh?


When I’m offended by things - which isn’t often - I just move along and go about my business. In today’s world though it seems like everyone has to cry out loud about everything they don’t like. Thing is, nobody cares about your feelings. Grow some thick skin and worry about more important things in life than a company joking about a popular meme.

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Blissfully relishing JOMO, joy of missing out.