Tasteless Facebook Ad

Didn’t know where to post this, but I wanted to share my disappointment with Wyze with their tasteless Facebook advertisement that shows a dog crapping on the floor. Not like from a high vantage point like where one might actually mount a camera, but at the dog’s butt level. The video starts with a close up of the dog’s anus, which drops a pile right on the floor.

Seriously, who greenlit this ad? Wyze, you seemed like a better company than one that would go for shock value.

I’d make some empty threat of never buying another Wyze product, but that’s played out.

Needless to say, my thoughts on your company mirror what that dog left on the floor.


Are you sure it’s actually from Wyze? It seems unlikely to me.
They have their ads on Youtube. No dog poo ads.
Check out this dog video though. Much nicer. :slight_smile:


Umm gee well the little italic I on the ad would tell you who actually placed it and allowed you to report it. If there is no little I then you were scammed by yet another false advertisement designed by someone that dislikes Wyze. Either way I very much doubt if the ad is as you described it was from Wyze.

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This one actually is from us. Thank you for your feedback, @SPC. I will share it with the team.


That suprises me.
Who held the camera? :slight_smile:

-laughs- On the bright side, you don’t need to hold a Wyze Cam!

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I have to admit that really surprised me to hear. And to be honest that’s worse than tasteless and I could not imagine any thinking adult that would have thought it was remotely okay.

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Thank you for your feedback. I will share that with the team as well, @rbruceporter.

I’m noty easily offended by bodily functions and I have a dog so have seen this process several times.
Still seems like an odd ad and use for a camera. :smiley:

I actually thought it was funny. Dont tk life so seriously. So many other things to worry about. This is a young company so they are thinking in a young way so to speak. It’s working for them thankfully btw. Thank God most people see the humor and tell them to keep it up. Me included! :+1: If your looking for something to worry about, might I suggest our economy? It’s a start…then you can go from there…:rofl: Have a good wknd! :blush:


Where is this video ? I looked, couldn’t find it

Ive only seen it once, I’m unable to find it posted anywhere. I’ll keep looking though.

Please do, I’m very curious lol.

the issue is that they don’t make many videos and they seem pretty specific to platform. that particular one I have only seen on facebook

Darn, I’m trying to look too. lol

I have to admit, I have used one of my Wyze cams to scroll back and see which one of the dogs left me a nasty surprise on the living room floor. Not from butt level though !


“Bitchen”, now there’s a word I didn’t think I’d hear again. :slight_smile:

Also, why isn’t there an Identity Politics category for fat people to join and lobby against the time honored tradition of “fat is funny?”

As perennially funny as the kick in the groin. :woozy_face:


(Fat actors are, like, “STFU, work is work.”)


John Goodman, Jackie Gleason, John Candy, John Belushi, and many others have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that fat is indeed funny. :sweat_smile:. (John Candy’s Chippendale dancer skit on SNL was epic and legendary)

Full disclosure I absolutely love Wyze’s irreverent, slightly off-center approach to advertising… :nerd_face::heart_eyes:


Chris Farley was so fat you forgot his name! :wink:

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