Wyze promotion sucks

Great products, that I am about to trash.

I have BLOCKED multiple ads from you guys and they KEEP coming from 3rd party peeps selling your stuff.

YES I unsubscribe to all of them. WTH? Phone text and emails!

I remember in the beginning, that great story about the inventor and his daughter and how he was making HIS stuff more available and user friendly - TRASH
I have called in OR tried multiple times… but it seems a PERSON is impossible to get on the phone.
To send out that much JUNK and NOT answer your phone.


This is a user to user forum, so your complaints may not be seen by your intended target.

Also, Wyze doesn’t control third party advertisements, only the advertisements they themselves put out. I have opted out of all but email correspondence for new products and those are the only ‘ads’ I see. I didn’t even know they did text advertisements.


Inventor and daughter?

It sounds like someone saw your browsing activity via cookie and was able to send you some sort of Link or got you on a web page that you entered your email somewhere and it was sold to somebody that is trying to spam you with stuff.

Wyze doesn’t do advertising like what you described. Could you screenshot what you’re seeing and the accounts they’re coming from?


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an ad for a 3rd party selling Wyze products. The only exception I can think of was when Wyze sent an email about a product being available at Home Depot, but that was from Wyze itself and rare.

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Got one yesterday . Blocked them many times.
No idea why they keep coming BUT I will clear the cookies and see if that helps- My computer isnt supposed to save those, thanks for the info!
Not sure if you can see the image.

Says - WYZE @hello.wyze.com>

Wyze Vs Omnicron - Shop now link. . . now they are fighting viruses. Wow.

Ah, I got that one also, but that’s not a 3rd party, that’s an email directly from Wyze. I haven’t tried to unsubscribe so I don’t know how effective it is.

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