Video doorbell marketing

Can somebody please tell me why they think the current video for the video doorbell is smart marketing?… Are there many neighborhoods with kids pelting adults with eggs and putting dog poop in a bag and lighting it?… Is this how Wyze really wants to sell their product?… I suppose you could make it more accurate by having kids brandishing guns and car jacking individuals and strong arming delivery men and stealing their cargo… For the life of me I just don’t get his current marketing.

I loved the video! It’s hilarious. I grew up in the days of tp-ing houses, ding dong ditch, and yes, even the flaming bag of dog poo. It’s a tongue in cheek, lighthearted look at life in suburbia, embellished for comedic effect. I love commercials with humor, and this is rapidly becoming one of my favorites.


We obviously grew up on vastly different neighborhoods… while I understand the intent, I believe the effort was way off the mark. Times have changed! This wasn’t a “period” piece designed to “harken back”… why do you think there is a need for this device in the first place?.. From package theft to robbery and home invasion to providing evidence in a car crash or shooting out front in the street… There is a time and place for humor and it’s not in promoting a home security device.

Lol, their marketing arm has a very near term goal of trying to be funny. I try not to watch the videos as these usually are cringeworthy. Leave a a “cheap” taste in my mouth. Not good for the brand overall

I tend to read the page description on features.

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