Can you guys ease up on the emails?

Hey guys, listen. I have a crap ton of your products, and many more on preorder. I love you. But the amount of emails you send is getting to be a bit too much. Do you really need to contact us nearly every single day? I don’t want to unsubscribe, but also I kinda do, you know what I’m saying? We’re already your customers, we know you exist. Maybe pare it back a bit?


The app has settings for emails that you can adjust.


Oh I know it does, but lately there have been far more than 5-6 a month. It’s getting annoying.

Tis the season, as they say. I’m sure it will level off after the new year.


Interesting. I’m on older app versions (except for iPhone) and the only mail I’ve gotten from Wyze over the last year was the name your price offer.

I don’t recall opting out, but certainly may / would have.

Two emails so far just today alone, and it’s only 10am.

I’m turning them off, this is ridiculous. Sorry Wyze.

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AGREED! In fact, I found this thread because I came here to start the same topic myself. Two cam plus emails today and a) I have no need for cam plus and b) I am unsubscribed to the category specifically related to cam plus (which I can only assume is for the notifications about it rather than sales promo emails.

You lose your potential sales if people unsubscribe from all emails to avoid being pestered. I don’t mind new product ones (occasionally) but I don’t need cam plus ones, thanks

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Well whaddya know, I’m still getting Cam Plus emails, even though I have unsubscribed to ALL Wyze emails. Time to build a filter to send all Wyze emails to the trash.

Guys, I LOVE your products, and have a metric ton of them, but I didn’t sign up for all this spam. In fact, I explicitly asked to NOT be signed up for all this spam. And yet, you continue to spam.

Maybe I’ll check your website in a year or two and see if you have any new stuff. Because as of today I will no longer let you contact me. How stupid is your email policy if it pisses off your customer base? Bye Wyze,

Yep. Beginning to think it’s company on the verge of collapse if their only option is to send two emails a day to existing customers to promote a subscription service that risks making customers disengage. Not sure who runs their marketing but they need to be fired

The amount of emails has become absurd and I don’t think I will be purchasing anymore Wyze products as a result of all the spam.

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I’m not only not buying any more Wyze products, I’m returning the thermostat that just arrived, as well as cancelling my preorder for the home security service. Can you imagine how many emails Wyze would (wrongly) assume I want them to send me because I signed up for home monitoring?

“Hey, it’s 3:04am and this email is to tell you that we haven’t seen anything trip your door sensors tonight. We’ll be back in touch with another email in 40 minutes - hope you’re sleeping soundly!”

Ugh. Enough with Wyze.