Wyze SPAM even when unsubscribed

<< RantOn>

I’ll just start it with this… I HATE SPAM…

So when the Wyze emails started to come in, I explicitly set Only "Early Access emails " and that’s it… so you would hope that you only get emails about early access programs…

BUT YET… even today. months later I still get emails about Cam Plus discounts which are COMMERCIAL emails and not related to any early access program.

Come on Wyze. can’t you respect the choices of your users and stop spamming them?

<</ RantOff>

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100% agree. The amount of spam related to cam plus has changed my opinion of the company. Despite being an early adopter of one of the original cams and having purchased $400+ worth of product since then, this aggressiveness to get sub revenue before the end of the year was extremely off-putting.