A new low for Wyze marketing? 🤨

not want we need from Wyze.

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There is so much current media that is not worth commenting about. Raising awareness, cheapens those using it. Its the old American SELL SELL SELL mentality, *anything for a buck" practices that are lowering our standards of civility.

Crease, the real problem is that you’re too mired in social media and trash gossip “news”. And you’re too sensitive that everything is a problem and everything needs a solution. Sorry, in today’s world you have to let things go or else you go crazy. If you really want to complain about Wyze marketing, how about complaining about marketing half baked products that users have to debug and find workarounds? In this case, if Wyze is giving something away for free then you better expect that the products are known to have problems and will soon be discontinued. Relax.

i LOVE it when people tell Crease, ‘relax.’ Especially ultra geniuses. :wink: :wave:


Yes this reference is really distasteful. It is sad we live in such a world where useless fads go viral but matter that are urgent and world altering get zero attention and action. In any event the reference could have been left out and the hawk tuah video even though I have not seen it is disgusting, my wife told me about it and nothing ceases to amaze me anymore. Do better Wyze!

The world is upside down and you nailed it…what was once bad is now “observed” as acceptable and what was respected is now “old fashioned” or out of date, these are just tricks of the adversary….whats right is right and whats wrong is still wrong! Don’t let the illusion taint your souls brothers and sisters. We are of the world but we have divinely appointed power to overcome the world!

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Yeah… complain about the folks making fun of the actual issue, the harlot taking advantage of modern conveniences, the internet. Sounds like you’d burn the child for pointing out the emperor has no clothes on.

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It is brave of you to admit this. I want to condemn you for it but think I won’t. I haven’t seen it, don’t care to, and have also commented, so I think I shall not judge.

The culture seems coarser by the day and I don’t like that. It seems bent on finding its own bottom on many fronts. It may need to do this no matter what we think.

A Jehovah’s Witness recommended to me a tract called ‘Whatever Happened to Common Decency.’ I told her I thought it was a good topic.

My eyes lit up I smiled, her eyes lit up she smiled, it was quite a nice moment to share on a pretty good summertime day.

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It’s possible to take something base and ‘lift’ it. That’s the challenge really and may be a way to push off the bottom.

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It is quite humorous if you watch the entire video of the girl and her friend (another girl), answer some questions by a “Man on the Street” type social media interviewer. I’ve seen the girl in other interviews with a bunch of different news media people since the video. She is just a goofy 20 something year old girl who like to make jokes/have fun, and now money since she got canned from her job.

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Ah, I see. So people can attack, but not be called out for said attacks. Zeig heil! Buh bye.

We live in a clown world.

Everyone is offended by everyone for simple conversations.

100% agree. We all gotta do what we can to slow or reverse our cultural generation’s accelerating race into deeper depravity. We are the guardians for our “village”. And we gotta make it cleaner for the next generation. I work with young adults and my whole life has been serving the younger generation. I cant stand people who only care about their own lusts to the point of hurting the next generation. And mindlessly pumping erotica into every show, every conversation, every joke… its selfish. Its not being the guardians we need to be for the next generation. And you absolutely have a right to put shame on it. Thats what good sempais do. We put shame on anything that is destructive for our juniors. Its done in every culture on the globe by the honorable ones. Shoot… you even used the word “morality police”.
Dont be afraid of that. Thats just a shame label itself meant to silence you. We gotta grow up. Just do what’s best for making our village stronger for the next generation. And we gotta call out the ridiculous erotica infusion into everything. STOP. Wyze isnt the worst culprit. Lot of Millenials in Hollywood. Pumping it into legit every single ahow meant for these GenZers and Alphas. Shame on em. Call em out. They can do better. We all gotta step up our game and clean things up. It takes a village. And for you guys saying its not worth the time, you’re wrong. Until stuff is better, everyone trying to do something to clean stuff up is doing good work. Someone said go help tornado victims instead. Remember, theres a whole generation thats not going to care about helping others in their village (including healthy development of compassion and community service) if theyre addicted to all the lusts the older generation is constantly feeding them. Theyre going to be addicted to netflix and those dopamine hits. Not addicted to community service, lol. We all got a part to play. Cheer for people trying to do something, anything, to carry the rock in the right direction. No disdain. No shame. Wyze can do better. Shoot, I can do better myself. Lets do it.

I didn’t see the email but I do think that is very unprofessional.