Wyze Team Introduction

Hello! I’m Jack, Community Manager for Wyze Community aka ThatWyzeGuy.

Welcome! In this topic we’ll introduce members of the Wyze Team so you know who’s working on what in our small but close-knitted cosy little startup! Feel free to reach out to us about anything and we just want you to know that we’re here for the whole Wyze Community. If you’re ever in Bothell, WA, feel free to drop by our office – coffee on us!

A little bit more about myself – I’m a social media guy dabbling in communities for the last couple of years. I love making friends and helping out the wider community in general, and am a night owl myself, so expect to see me replying late into the night! I’m also an avid motorcycle fan and love a good beer occasionally. Reach me on Twitter @jacktang

I hope you’ll enjoy your time here on Wyze Community!


Hi! My name is Mary and I’m the Client Relationship Manager here at Wyze!

I make sure you get the best support we can offer over at support@wyzecam.com. I am happy to help in any way I can to make sure your experience with the WyzeCam is a good one!

Some more information about myself - I am a gamer in my off time and love my Xbox One X! I do play on other consoles including Wii U, Playstation 4, PC, and hand held systems but the Xbox platform is my current favorite. In between gaming I love crafting things, especially sewing clothes. I also got a new puppy in 2017 and her name is Nova! Lastly… go Seattle Sounders!


Hi, everyone!

I’m Gwendolyn and if you’ve ever reached out to us on social media then you’ve probably already met me! I’m the Social Media Community Manager at Wyze Labs and spend most of my time engaging with the community and passing information from you all (such as feature requests and bug reports) to people in the company. I also had a weekly video series called “Tips On Tuesday” (found on Facebook and YouTube) that explored and explained various aspects of Wyze Cam and the Wyze app. Other functions that I serve around here are copy writing, minor tech support, and opening the front door for people.

I helped build a prize-winning trebuchet once! I also enjoy reading, writing, but not arithmetic. I fill my down time with books, comics, video games, and annoying my two cats (Mistral and Captain Jack Sparrow). I love making new friends so please feel welcome to say hello!


Hi ! I am Dongsheng. I am so excited about the forum launch. I hope this will be a place for us to get to know each other and work together to build future WYZE products and the WYZE community together.

On a personal note, I’ve been living in Seattle for almost 10 years. I love sports, reading books, trying new technology etc. I also just recently found out that I appear to be slightly taller than Sir Charles.




Hi! I am Tao. I am the technical product manager for Wyze. It is so great to see the forum becoming live! I will keep posting product related info in the forum. Hope to meet you in the forum!

Besides work, I like sports, nature, and animals. Badminton, jogging, and hiking are my favorite sports. My ‘Zen’ moments will be either ‘fighting’ hard on badminton court or being in nature with my love ones.

Hope you like Wyze. Hope you like LikeWyze. :slight_smile:



Hi all, I’m Elana, one of the co-founders of Wyze. I’m so excited to get to know everyone on the forums!

When I’m not hanging out with my WyzeCam, I spend my time cooking, gardening, and trying my best to keep my houseplants alive. I love good food and music, and try my best to take advantage of everything Seattle has to offer. In the summertime you can find me hiking, biking or running around town, and in the winter I’m usually cozied up in a coffee shop with a good book. I love to travel, and use my WyzeCam to keep connected while I’m away.


Hey All!

I’m Dave, Creative Director and cofounder of Wyze. I’m excited to hang out and get to know our customers better here!

When I’m not at Wyze, I’m usually making music, either with myself or with my family. Here is a shot of me at my blind audition on The Voice last season. #TeamAdam


Hi Wyze team! Great use of the forum, love the introductions!

Hey, thanks! We appreciate the feedback! :smiley:

Now this is fantastic! Thanks for the intros and the forum!

Hey, I know you! Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I know you too! Thanks! ?

Hi all- loved the introductions. Jack, I ride a CAmAm Spyder. I have an original GS. # 102. I live in the mountains of Southern California - so have some great riding right outside my door!

Gwendolyn, I love your Tuesday Facebook posts! First thing I look for after work on Tuesdays!

Thanks to all of you for creating a great product and a great forum! I have 6 cameras and have given one to each of my adult children. I have also recommended you to several friends and neighbors!

COOL COOL COOL!! Now this is transparency! Ive been on other manufacturers forums and next to NEVER do you intervien with the Crew That makes the company tick tock(CEO’s)! Hello to all of you guys! Best idea ever with starting a forum!

This is so exciting! WyzeCam I mean. There are so many startups out there vying for our attention that could learn a lesson from how you are going about your thing. Develop and sell one high quality, affordable product and promote the heck out of it. Show the world that it can be done, then having established the Brand, build on it. But above all else, be accessible! This is not rocket science and yet, so many just don’t get it. I wish you young people every success…I have just ordered my third camera as a gift for my neighbor.

Aww…! Merri, you rock! Thank you so much! :smiley:

I admittedly get a bit shy and anxious about doing the show sometimes and feedback like this means the world to me. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate it and are glad to have you with us.

Hi! -waves- Glad you enjoy the forum and getting to know a bit about us as people! :slight_smile:

Hi Team - Sounds like a great group for the great product.

Hi Team, I hope we all have a long, long, long relationship with WYZE !!!