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Welcome to the Wyze fam! We want to learn more you! Take part in our contest and stand to win a WyzeCam T-shirt from us!

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  1. This contest is open to US customers only.
  2. This contest starts January 15th 12:00AM PST to January 25th 11:59PM PST.
  3. Prizes and winners are chosen randomly by the Wyze team.
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Hi!! My name is Shelly, I’m 55 and in love with these cute wyzecam!!! Would love to win a t-shirt to advertise for y’all!!

Hi I’m Steve and I don’t have any cute pics for this contest so this is what you get

Call me Delta Bluz. I’ve added my mug. Here it is:

Like Dave I play a Taylor guitar. Unlike Dave, I’ll never be on “The Voice” :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m Mister Rat. Computer Systems Engineer specializing in automation through scripting (i.e. geek).

Hello, I am Ken aka OMJ aka o.m.j from reddit…good to see the new forums

Hi am Suzanne aka Sisty2. Happy to be part of the forums. I have already found a friend on WyzeCam. My special friend on FB Messages.

Hi I’m Jay and I am just learning about these cameras. They sound like something I will want.


YESSSSSSS TAYLOR!!! My first love. I spent my life savings on my Taylor back as a sophomore in college. It is a 412 spring limited.

I’m Steve, and I’m a Union Rep from Portland Or. I love my WyzeCam, it just caught FedEx lying about leaving a package on my porch. (I would have rather got the package though, it was a Sonos)



Dave - the Taylor 412 (IMHO) has one of the best sounds that Taylor makes. Congrats on a great choice. I have a 114e and an 816ce. I could never afford the 816 but got it as payment for managing a dealer’s website. Great instrument, sounds like a grand piano but oddly, I’ve bonded more with the 114. I’m brainstorming ideas for using the Wyzecam with my guitar “obsession”. I’ll let you know if I strike the chord. :slight_smile:

It is a pleasure to meet all of you! Thanks for stopping by the forums!

Ummm…How’s this?

Hi everyone! That is me and my rescue dog, turned service dog in my picture with me. I have 6 cameras that I use to monitor inside and outside my home in the mountains of Southern California. I teach Kindergarten and love going to hockey games. I am lucky enough to have seen my team (LA Kings) win the Stanley cup twice. I tell everyone I know about Wyze Cam and would also love to win a t-shirt.

Hi all =) I’m Freida and I’m the happy owner of four little WyzeCams - just received them yesterday and can’t wait to put them all to use, spying on my roommates! Two of my sons live with me, and their wives/fiances, and one of our biggest fights seems to always surround each others’ property and food stores!

Since the purchase of my lil friends is a covert operation, I’m having to go slow on installing and using my cameras, but I did get to use one of them today and actually am really impressed with the video! I’m working on getting camouflage for them as the little white box with the Big Eye can be clearly seen - if my sons weren’t so oblivious! lol

Anyway, looking forward to learning more about my cams and their app and being a part of this great community!

~ freida

Code name : Imacoo7 . I am part owner of a UbreakIfix in Orlando Florida. I am ACMT , Samsung & Google Certified ( Samsung & Google Certs are required for warranty repairs : Assurion, Assurant, etc) and have over 30 years Mac/Windows experience. Love to learn about new tech, or anything Tech related…!! If I can help in anyway, Feel free to drop me a line!

Although I cheated by adding the photo of me being choked out by Professional Wrestler Matt Morgan


Hello, I’m retired and share my home with a 5lb Parti Yorkie. I had a $100.00 or so inside security camera, which I used to watch my little dog when I was away. A year ago, around 2AM in the morning, my yorkie heard noises and started barking. Using my cell phone, I looked at my inside camera and there was a person standing in my living room. I was upstairs and I called the police and remained on the line (just like in the movies) and waited for help to arrive. My point in telling you this story is that the expensive inside camera did not alert me of motion - my little dog did. I found Wyze Cam through Dave and his family on Youtube. I jumped at the chance to try one out and bought a few as Christmas gifts. Dave is a family man and I felt comfortable giving this a try. For $20.00, I have more options and a better camera than the $100.00 one. My experience has left me with PTSD, but it’s getting better. Not to leave you hanging - Police arrived with their K-9 and caught the intruder right in the house. It was someone intoxicated that entered my house through an unlocked door. Doors are now checked and rechecked to make sure they are all locked up. I live in a very low crime rate area, so it can happen any where. I’m so thankful for an affordable great quality security camera. I hooked it up myself :slight_smile: Thank you Dave and the Wyze team. BTW, Claire and Carson are adorable. Waiting news on the new arrival.

hi i’m chinh.

I’m currently invested in Yi Home cameras (7 units). Thinking of making the switch because of cloud/1080p but still on the fence.



What type of notification are yall getting? does it stream the 12 sec clip directly to notification? or just typical “Wyze Cam App has notification” and 5-10 delay to open app and see 12 sec clip?




Hi I’m Cat and I like cats. I use my Wyze cam to spy on my cats when I’m away. ?

ouch! a sonos! did you get it in the end?