So I would like to see how we can be creative with our #wyzecam. Let me see your poses!!

Heres #MyWyzeCam poses! ?

I love your photo ! It is quite hard to do your pose ! but here is mine. #MyWyzeCam

@Wyzer , Awesome !!! lol! We are Naturals! I know there are some more #wyzecam users hiding in the shadows… Let me see those #mywyzecam poses! Don’t be shy!

Oh, you KNOW I can’t resist creative posing! I’m in!

First, I wanted to try that shoulder balancing act. … NOT easy. I caught the box moments after this photo!

My eyebrow game is not as strong. So then I decided to try something a bit different…

… This fell down shortly after, too.

Who’s next?! :smiley:

Me and my bestie just hanging out here in the wyze office. #mywyzecam


@wyzecracker, Your a natural! stop playing! lol ! love it!

@Dave, That black shirt though! With the eyebrow for the #mywyzecam pose? #GAMEOVER!!!

I’m naturally enthusiastic if nothing else!

@WyzeCracker, That makes two of us!

But I thought I was your bestie! :o

Just kidding! Wyze Cam totally deserves that spot. :slight_smile:

Everyone had to join in ?


Oh dang ya’ll…I just realized when I logged in on my computer that my pics from my phone posted sideways…what the…lol!!!

This is exactly why this forum need a like button!

@JOWITHTWO, Love Love Love it! @RickO, Where is your photo buddy? You have great #mywyzecam candidates if not yourself!


@jowithtwo, That second photo? That is a billboard picture! Awesome capture the #mywyzcam pose!!



Awwwwww sooo awesome!!! I love it!!

Woah… That’s beautiful! Your dog is well-behaved and gorgeous! :smiley:

WOW!! See… I knew you had a #mywyzecam Photo that would be off the charts! Awesome photo @RickO!


Couldn’t get her to close one eye. The black eye will have to do.

@RickO, Man that is an awesome photo! Wish my pups would sit still like that, but thats a “negative ghost rider”!