He ate it…


Every WyzeBeard needs his Wyze Cam!


<3 the beard!!!

@Wyzebeard, That brings a nice , little twist to the table! Awesome photo! @julianstan, Come on now…! You gotta play fair in this thread… Cant throw out off the wall memes that dont show a #mywyzecam photo and expect to get a pass from me! lol!.. Break out the camera or the box and give us something creative!

This is such a great photo of puppers!

@iMacoo7 If only I had a parrot skin for him!


@WyzeElena , now THAT is a creative #mywyzcam photo!! Love the ambience the photo creates : Just the right amount of light, nice little plants in the background…! Very Cool!

My turn!

I feel like I need to step my game up…

I agree with you WyzeBeard… Time to pull out the Play book!