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Hello everyone!

I want to share a quick guide on how to use this new forum.

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Update your nickname! Head over to your profile and change your nickname and upload an avartar.


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Please feel free to ask any questions here in this thread if you are confused or need help with this new forum. Thanks again for your continued support of WyzeCam and hope you have a great time!

Just adding a couple of notes:

  1. To log in to the forums, simply use your Wyze account, which can be the account you created on this website, or on your Wyze app. We use a single sign-on feature to enable users to use the same account to check their order history, engage with the app, or participate in forum discussions. You’re welcome :wink:

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Hello! Testing testing 1,2,3

is there anybody out there?

Just got my backordered WyzeCam yesterday. So far so good!

Here is a pic of my fish tank ??? taken with the WyzeCam.

I’ve had nothing but problems with this camera. For the first weeks I had to re-install it at least four times a day. Now, it just won’t work, period. I’ve owned it a little over a month.

Sprez1954… You must be doing something wrong. I have 5 and they have been flawless for the last several months. You should take this up with technical support.

Cute fishys!

We’d love to troubleshoot with you to figure out what’s going on! Can you shoot us an email over at

FYI, Looks like the day and time are not correct when a comment is posted on this forum

Good point… I think it is set on GTM-0

<p style=“text-align: right;”>Hi. I’ve had 2 cams for 2 months and have no problem at all with either. I only wish I could integrate them into my Smart Home. Specifically, my Google Home and WeMo. Alexa is not so important to me, I don’t mine much, since it is not as smart as either of my two Google Home devices.</p>

I purchased 4 cameras and I installed and configured the first 2 units without any problems. I’m having nothing but problems with the third unit. During the connection phase, it would time-out and sometimes tell me it can’t find the network. I turned off one of the previous units and that allowed me to configure the 3rd unit. Unfortunately, when I have all 3 units turned on, the 3rd unit will not connect. I have already sent an email to support. If I can’t get this resolved, I’ll have to return 2 units.




Can you let me know your ticket number with support so I can look up your request? Thanks!

Support hasn’t responded to my email so I don’t have a ticket number.


BTW: the deleted the camera because I didn’t want to be reminded of the issue. It’s MAC address is A4:DA:22:21:16:5B.

thanks for the quick response.


I sent you an email through so keep an eye out!

I’ve found that some WiFi issues in general can be fixed by powering down your your router or modem router combo unit for a few minutes, then powering back up & waiting 5-6 minutes.

Also, I’ve found in my line of work that the modem router combo units provided by (I.e, renting from) internet service providers usually don’t work as well as separate mid to high end modem & router.

I currently have 14 Wyze cameras running at all edges of the house with 2 of them in our bonus room above our garage. My modem is a Hitron gigabit model. My router is a Netgear AC1900 smart WiFi model using OpenDNS filtering. I also have on the other half of the house an Apple AirPort Extreme (the white tower model) as a WiFi access point wired back to the Netgear router.

Our internet speed ranges from 700-900+ Mbs down & 50Mbs up. The faster the upload speed, the better for viewing especially in HD.

If possible, you might try a different router.

Hope this helps.

I have followed your instructions and the 3rd unit is stuck on Connecting. It sounds like these units are bandwidth hogs. I have a couple of 32 GB SD cards coming. I wonder if I switch to local storage, they might not need such a robust network. Can’t expect all of your customers to have state-of-the-art networks.



I don’t work for Wyze, but I will be glad to try to diagnose your issue. I’m an IT guy by trade.

Have you tried with the camera being in the same room as the router? Set it up close to the router, then move it to where it needs to be.

If I have more info, I might be able to diagnose your problem IF it is network related. There is always the possibility of a defective camera.

  1. Who is your internet service provider?

  2. What is the make & model of your modem/router?

  3. Did you ever get the 4th camera to connect?

  4. Do you have a wifi extender?

Just reply back with the answers. Thanks.





I have installed and configured the 4th unit. This leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the 3rd unit and NOT my network.

How do I get a replacement unit?




PS. I have 23 years of IT experience.

Nice to meet a fellow IT colleague.

Obvious question, but did you try the recessed reset button?

I had the same thought but haven’t spent any more troubleshooting the problem.