Wyze Employee Spotlight - Rosanna Lui

1. Why did you choose Wyze (Why Wyze)?

Last year, I took an accessibility and inclusive design course for my Master’s program at UW. I discovered the impact that technology has on people, and it inspired me to work for a company that builds products that aim to improve their lives. Wyze’s mission statement of democratizing smart IoT technology through accessibility resonated with me! Working at Wyze was one of my best decisions ever as I work with really passionate people every day, and my work is interesting!

2. What team are you on and what do they do?

I work in the Ecommerce Team at Wyze as a Product Designer! We are focused on building great user experiences for our customers, helping drive business goals, and pushing the boundaries of ecommerce.

2. How long have you been with Wyze and what do you do here?

I’ve been at Wyze for nine months. On a daily basis, I get to hang out with almost every department to turn problems into opportunities! My role requires a lot of cross-collaboration from different teams that range from marketing to product managers. My role is split between designing product pages, improving the web experience, working with our partner teams, and conducting user research. If I have spare time, I also do some illustrations as well!

3. What’s your favorite thing about working at Wyze?

One thing I appreciate about Wyze is people’s willingness to be open and transparent with me. The leadership team to directors would carve out time for you on their calendar to get to know you better. I found this the most favorite thing here as the people at Wyze feel like a family. I’ve made some great friends, and I always look forward to meeting new people who join us!

4. How have Wyze product(s) impacted your life?

Wyze products have impacted my life by rethinking my perception of what premium products are. Growing up with parents who owned a restaurant, I spent most of my childhood there. One of my worst memories was when someone broke the restaurant’s windows at night while my parents and I were home. Coming to work the following day was a rude awakening for my parents and me, as we realized the police had no footage or clues to catch the person who did this. This horrible experience could have been prevented if technology was more accessible for all. I think about how a Wyze Cam could have captured footage that could have been used for the police or even using the siren to deter the perpetrator. Through my work at Wyze, I’ve learned that the premium price point doesn’t need to be the deciding factor for people’s access to technology. I feel so blessed that I can test different Wyze products and integrate different Wyze products into my life. My top three favorite products that I am using around my house are the Wyze Floor Lamp, Wyze Headphones, and Wyze Cam v3. The floor lamp is impressive as I do many graduate school readings at night after work, and the button to adjust brightness is a lifesaver! The Wyze Headphones are excellent when I need to focus and use the active noise canceling on it. Lastly, the Wyze Cam v3 has been a good peace of mind; if anything happens outside my house, I have the footage.

If your team is currently hiring:

Wyze is growing! Ecommerce is looking for Front end Developers, Magento Developer, and Product Designers to join our team. You’d be working with us to build a great user experience and shopping experience for Wyze.com! Check out our opportunities here: Wyze Careers.

What is something that was discussed in one of your team Slack channels this week?

I’m in a stock team channel with some people within the company called Wyzestreetbets. We use this slack channel to talk about the stocks we bought and anything interesting in the market. We have been chatting about the recent increase of Doge coins last week. I purchased $20 in Doge recently, so it’s an emotional rollercoaster watching the price lately!

What did you do this week at work?

I am working on many product pages, but I can’t disclose what products until launch sadly! Stay tuned for this May to see some awesome products coming out soon! Besides working on product pages, I am working on reworking our navigation page and making illustrations for our community team.

What is something Wyze related that only you or your team know about?

As I said above, we are reworking our navigation bar as we have so many product launches coming up this year. Stay tuned for new designs and new products coming out!

What was your biggest win at Wyze so far?

That question is hard as I feel like I have so many wins here! I work in a high-impact department, where I can see metrics for most of my work as I build web experiences. If I had to narrow down my wins at Wyze, it’s working on the Wyze HMS page redesign. I improved the user experience of the landing page, and it was a meaningful project. I found it impactful as I got to talk with people from the community about their home security experience. I heard people’s different pain points and motivations using a home monitoring system. These Wyze friends added so much color to my work and inspired my iterations when I designed. I always feel like I’ve learned so much talking with our Wyze users, and I hope to continue learning from them!


Nice…glad you and WYZE found each other and that your work gives you a lot of satisfaction knowing you’re helping people navigate the website.


I love this, confirming at least 2 new product launches for May! I’m excited! :smiley:


Thank you for being part of our community! :smile:




Thank you for the Employee Spotlight interview @WyzeGwendolyn, it was an interesting read with my morning cup-of-joe :coffee:.

It was favorable to be formally introduced to you @rlui :nerd_face:. I appreciate that you listen to Wyze Community member’s feedback and your continued dedication to implement positive changes.

And… like @carverofchoice… I look forward to the new product launches in May :eyes:.


Thank you for this! I can’t wait for new product launches in May!

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@ThreeTen I’m glad it was an interesting read and I feel so thankful you would spend time reading my story.

Thanks for being awesome! I always feel so welcomed by the Wyze community that we have. :smile:


Only wish she’d have helped me instead of passing me off. Not mush help.

@Dogsdan Welcome to the community! What do you need help with?

Hello @Dogsdan,

I’m sorry if I passed you if I did. Was there a specific incident or anything that I could help you with?

I appreciate the quick response. But no the four people that took over after you passed me off to them did the same thing and passed me on to the next person. I’ve given up getting answers to my question.

For the general community and those of us who try to provide the support, can you elaborate on what issues you were having that was not answered?

I am not a Wyze Employee, but frequent the forums to try to provide support and solutions.

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@Dogsdan I’m sorry that was your experience! I didn’t know that you were being passed around to different people… That is never fun!

Do you mind refreshing me on the question you have and I’ll see if I can get the answer for you.

@rlui, I appreciated your write-up and to look forward to what will be coming out. I personally have a lot of Wyze products, and have brought others into the fold as well. Can’t wait to see what Wyze brings us in the future.