[CLOSED] March 2021 Wyze Community Survey

EDIT: The survey is now closed for analysis. Thank you for the help, everyone! :slight_smile:

Howdy, Forum Friends!

My name is Gwendolyn and I’m a Digital Community Manager at Wyze. We’re starting a new initiative of regular community surveys to generate more quantitative data about community perception of our communities, Wyze, and our products.

This survey should take 10 minutes or less to complete and the information provided will not be shared outside of Wyze. Responses to these questions may lead to follow-up surveys and investigations for experience improvements.

Thank you for your time!


Wow, long survey. This question was difficult to interpret properly. When you and other Wyze employees do appear here it is VERY valuable, but those appearances are infrequent. I ended up entering 5…


Thank you for the feedback! That is the intention of the question. This is partly to look into if employee presence is something we should continue to or raise investment in. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh please do, thanks. A few authoritative words do wonders, and people such as you and Frederik and Tao have been refreshingly forthcoming and detailed about the interesting tech (and challenges) that power your products and services.


Gwendolyn is the only employee I see actively on these forums which I appreciate but we need subject matter experts involved . We need a way to to provide feedback on issues and concerns . I must have put in over 50 logs and tickets with my concerns and issues over the last 4 months which are never acknowledged or show up on the bug / known issue list .
V3 cameras are set at motion detection sensitivity of 3 - Way to sensitive to a bug flying through the corner of the frame for less than 1 second shouldn’t cause a motion event . I quit using the V3s and back to my 8 V2s .
SD card playback quits working about once a month that requires me to pull all the SD cards and reformat using a PC . Playback was rock solid for over a year and now one of the rcent updates has caused this issue .
App Events page - Can’t see more than 2-3 hours of events . Won’t load events older than 2-3 hours…

I have been submitting logs and tickets on these issues … I don’t think Wyze is listening or concerned anymore … I am no longer recommending Wyze to friends and family … Also not purchasing anymore from Wyze . Just returned the doorbell . And trying to return the thermostat …


I would like to second this. I very much agree with @Customer

Things that have already been answered by Wyze Employees don’t have to be answered again by them for the 3 billionth time, the community and mods and Mavens can answer those or refer those questioners to the official answers and such. Even 90% of common “problems” just need someone to refer them to call support…though on some stuff that is widespread affecting most people it’s GREAT to hear from a Wyze specialist in that area.

But hearing about NEW ideas and concepts and things being worked on or looked into, or how things work, or other insights and explanation not commonly found elsewhere or common knowledge and all that, is INCREDIBLY valuable here. Without that kind of input, I would not be very active here. I LOVE reading all that stuff from the Wyze Employees, even when it is disappointing news (like that the Video Doorbell will probably be taken off of streaming to Alexa devices because people keep filing tickets about it). I still LOVE hearing such information, it makes me very happy, even when it makes me sad. :slight_smile: Ah, the irony.

Wyze believes in transparency. Wyze employees coming here and being transparent HIGHLY supports that value, regardless of what the information is…though I love talk about innovations, things being looked into, etc (even if some never pan out).

It’s like what I try to teach my kids. If I have to “catch you” then you’re “in trouble,” but if you come be forthright and honest with me, especially for something I would’ve never found out, then I’ll just help you get through it. If you’re only telling me because I was going to find out anyway, and not out of real honesty, then we’ll obviously consider the situation on an individual basis.

I like that Wyze tries to be forthright and transparent (more than most at least) and in those cases, I may not like it (like losing VDB streaming on Alexa, or being honest about the local PD costs, or about Tariffs, or silicon shortages), but I am much more willing to be lenient when more information is given to me in the spirit of transparency and treating me like a mature adult, ya know?

And I should mention that I think Wyze does a good job with this, better than other companies, but I would love to see it keep up with how it’s been in the last few weeks and even expand. :slight_smile:


I personally feel as if the WYZE employee interactions in the Standard community forums is just right. There are a lot community helpers with the WYZE products in their current state and many of them enjoy helping, including the Mavens.

With that… I would like to see more interaction with the WYZE staff in the Beta forums. There are many hours spent by community members testing new Firmware, software, etc… there has been some excellent documentation an some very detailed testing that seemingly goes unnoticed. I am by no means saying the WYZE team needs to be on there hours a day, but an affirmation of what the Beta community has brought to Beta test would be nice.

Lastly… I would also LOVE to see this page get a little more attention with timely updates. When was the Incident/Problem identified by WYZE? It would be awesome if you could add that date, then a resolution date, so we can time box issues as users and as community “helpers”.

Meh, sorry @carverofchoice, my post wasn’t intended to be a direct response to you, but to the topic in general :smiley:


I agree what has been posted above. The general forum’s are a great resource for individuals to either troubleshoot or provide options on how to work around or fix something. There are a lot of us who enjoy providing support as needed throughout the day. But as @R.Good has indicated, it would be nice if Wyze made more of a presence in the Beta Forum to provide additional information or support and help guide those of us assisting others. I think you all have a great base of Developers, support, Mavens, Mods and augmented with those of us who try to assist when needed.

Another recommendation is to figure out a way to consolidate the discussions / Forum content by Category or Product. May require the selection of which Product is being discussed. There is so much mixed together, it would be nice to filter by Product. Not sure if there is a way currently.

In addition to the recommendation by @R.Good on the Software and known Bugs page, it would be nice to include if it is being worked on, the Priority and if possible a potential date for correction or Build the Beta testers may be able to see it in.

But, I am pleased with Wyze and the product being provided to date.

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Absolutely. Employee Presence with the ability to provide some information or answers will help out a lot. Especially to those of us who try to assist in the forums.

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The question is; is it beneficial not is it frequent or is it consistant. :grin:
I answered 5 also.


next time around could a text box be added, for comments on it?

Wyze participation in the forums is useful, when it takes place. Unfortunately, most of the time there is no one from Wyze reviewing the interactions when such participation would be very valuable. It isn’t helpful if we need to try direct contact with a few, specific Wyze employees.

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Your experience of unanswered ? is sadly chronic and the company is silently unrepentant.

WYZE has severely lost it’s way as many long time buyers / supporters like me will attest.

I personally have led so many families and business owners as well as a neighboring municipality to all adopt WYZE cameras etc.

My father, bother, and two sisters are all WYZE users now because of my influence. They are android / Alexa users.

However the ongoing lack of respect for Apple iOS / HomeKit households has proven more than we can take any longer.

Eufy 2K shot across the bow and now 5 cameras later, with PT and fixes both outshining WYZE the transition for prior fanboys has begun with me as a leader of the defection.

The extremely high interest expressed on surveys and the voluminous post all testify that there are a large number of us that have patiently waited for ANY sign that there is hope for us in the future.

Not one tidbit … the new cameras could easily have integrated the claimed issue of 1080p dual stream but nope … NO interest at all in supporting our needs.

The thermostat, the door bell, the on and on etc etc disrespectful treatment seems to lead some of us to wonder if the fact that some founders having been former employees of the competition of Apple, they may have inherent Bias towards the company Apple and those of us that are FIRMLY in the community.

Im out ….

#12: How can Wyze improve? … Stop introducing new devices! All hands on deck, report to SmartThings Integration Development! At least publicly commit to a hard timeline… please :wink:

Similarly, for #12 I said to work harder on releasing Public API’s like they talked about in the AMA Webinar…this would enable SmartThings integration, as well as TONS of other things that lots of other people want (Home Assistant, Sleep as Android, Maybe Tasker, Hubitat, etc). It would save Wyze from having to do all the support themselves, just open some API’s and everyone will do the rest of the work for them for half of these platforms.

Personally, I don’t think they need to stop introducing new devices, as long as they hire new people to manage the new devices, and keep some of the main people working making the previous devices better. Scaling horizontally doesn’t have to mean stopping support or losing improvement of other products if it’s done correctly. Nobody tells Apple to go back to just selling desktop computers like they started with; or telling Amazon to go back to only selling paper books. To me, it’s okay when companies scale horizontally as long as they keep making progress and dedicating some support where it needs to be for continual improvements.

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I don’t see anywhere which is the highest mark 1 or 5. Most surveys say which is the highest. Everyone has selected 5 so I think that is what everyone feels is the highest mark.


Frankly, you Gwendolyn, are the only reason to look at these forums. Most of the rest of the participation is venting of frustration with the non response of your support.