A List of forum Jargon Codes?

@Customer mentioned this one. Thanks! Adding it to the list.

LPR == License Plate Reading


IR = Infrared (Lights used on most Wyze cameras for night vision)


PIR = passive infrared sensor


Idiosyncratic Effectuation (IE)
Live it, love it, be it. image



Live it, love it, be it.


WRV = Wyze Robot Vacuum (I’ve seen this a lot from a friend on here)

Keep in mind V1 and V2 differ based on Context. Sometimes they are talking about Cameras, sometimes they are talking contact or motion sensors, Sometimes they are talking about AI versions/testing. They could be talking about original vs new Rules Engine. They will almost certainly refer to other devices if Wyze ever creates a new version, such as anything that is made to be able to support the Matter Initiative with new hardware, etc. Basically anything that is upgraded. For example, in recent Reddit AMA’s Wyze mentioned a few things we can look forward to when the chip shortage mellows out such as Dave Crosby saying a WCO V2 and a Pan Cam V2:

So sometime in the future, V1 and V2 will also refer to those, and maybe eventually we’ll have V3 referring to other things too as the years go on. So again, keep in mind the context of the thread’s subject and what someone was recently talking about. V# just means hardware update version iteration number of the product that’s being talked about…but if it is said out of nowhere with no obvious context in the thread, then people are most likely talking about the cameras (not always though).



Typically used in context with SD cards such as HE-SD cards. I think we’ve run into this a few times but most of the times people will write high endurance out.


And let us not forget WORV.

Wyze off road vehicle :wink:

All the acronyms, I liken the Wyze forums to my time in the military and IT :rofl:

PD = person detection
OP = Original Poster


Off road you say…and here I thought it was just there for you to have your kids load it with a drink to bring to you while watching TV…though, I do have to admit that the jump ramp you made it clear was really impressive and definitely unexpected. Startled a lot of people.

WRV and WORV are so close together. They should just be merged into the same product IMO…for the sake of clarity and extra fun.

Another one:

AMA = Ask me Anything.

These are question and answer type of events that Wyze puts on regularly where Wyze employees will give us exciting news about things going on, coming up or clarifications we’ve all been wanting to know. I really look forward to these when they come up!


Dont forget the off road ride with the disco bulb plugged into the extra usb port.

So many opportunities with the Wyze car!


These are all great! Now how about adding what each means for all of us not in the know?



  • L-PD or LPD = Legacy Person Detection (alternatively could be used as Local Person Detection)

    • This usually means the subscription option of pay what you want to get the person Detection on Pan Cams and V2 Cams cloud events (limited to once every 5 minutes).
  • XNOR or XNOR.ai = looks like an acronym but it’s actually the name of the company who created Local person Detection for the V2 cams, but was bought out by Apple and Wyze was forced to remove that code from all their cams and switch to a cloud based AI detection instead

  • AI = Artificial Intelligence… Though usually it would more accurately be called Machine Learning.


Huh ?

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Amen Brother !

I was jus gonna say, that !

This was supposed to way to find Jargon terms n then Explain them.

Kinda like a Jargon Key / Decoder .

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Idiosyncratic Effectuation (IE)
Live it, love it, be it. image
A peculiar way of accomplishing something.
Valuable but undocumented, except on the forum.


Also expressed as:

A persistent point of view, a philosophy, a lifestyle.
Phrases heard in and around the idiom:

Whatever it takes.
Trust but verify.
Don’t encourage him.


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XNOR is also a compound Boolean operator.

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Here’s a partial list of stuff that might be good to put in order: “Sequence of general steps to take when troubleshooting.”

Clear app cache (within app)
Clear Android app cache
Clear Android cache partition
Restart app
-Force stop app
Sign-out/in to app
Restart cam (warm / within app)
Restart phone/tablet
Restart router/modem
Reinstall app
-Remove/re-add cam to app (cam settings are retained)
Reset cam (to factory)
Reflash cam firmware
Rollback (revert) cam firmware
Rollback app (sideload - Android only)
Remove/replace SD card (in camera)
Remove/replace (exercise) usb power plug in cam outlet
Restart cam (unplug-replug power)

Check Wyze forum
Check Wyze bug list
Check Wyze service status
Call Wyze support
Submit app log

-Do you use a WiFi router provided by your ISP?
-What is your broadband upload speed?
-Do you live in a dense multi-unit neighborhood?
-How many (IoT) devices on your WiFi network?

(presently unordered; cam-centric)

/edit: preceded by a hyphen means added subsequently. First line revised.
/edit: added general questions bearing upon WiFi quality/stability


Good list for those with savvy enough chops… :+1:t2:

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  • Force stop app.

list of all wyze product abbr. Names

Hey @BigBurly13

Your’s was a more modest ask than I thought. Maybe compile what’s been provided thus far and draw attention to what’s still missing?

Is it cool that some folks keyed off ‘jargon’ and used the thread more expansively?

Cheers, -peep