Certified installer? (Home Monitor system with Cam integration)

Perhaps Wyze could have a Certified Installer program for the Home Monitoring system. Like Ikea does for kitchens. Your headed toward being the Ikea of IOT devices anyway. Perhaps only on the Forum type sites. Folks who have the expertise to advise someone on a diy home install or someone that did that as a gig could get a stamp of approval. I know that the monitoring is just getting started but there are many people out there who would be interested but challenged to set the system up with cams on their own.

Good point. @wyzeteam

I’ve wondered about this myself. My sister would like to have HMS+cameras and thermostat but she is scared to death of new tech. I plan to visit (she lives in another city) one day and get her up and running, but I happily would pay a tech tomorrow to get it done. :smiley: