WYZE Home Monitoring

I have installed four V2 cams inside and outside and am interested in the new monitoring service. What do I need to go with my cams to have the monitoring service? Please update me with all I info on products needed. Will an alarm go directly to a live person who will handle any emergency? Do I have to view suspicious activity on my iPhone and then press Alarm to get help from a live person? I am using an IOS iPhone 6sPlus, updated to 14.2 currently. I am not computer/tech savvy and am 75 years old and concerned with my safety, so please explain in layman’s terms. Thank you, S Strauch

You’ll find out more tommorow, pre orders actually start tommorow!

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I’ve been interested in getting rid of my old security panel and my current monitoring is about $13/mo annually, so I’m VERY interested. A few questions that were not clear in the initial announcement.

  1. Is there a sounder (alarm) build into the system or planned. I actually had a break in a year or so ago and the alarm scared the burglar away.

  2. I currently have a heat/smoke detector integrated into my system. Fire is far more common than burglary. I see a temperature sensor is planned, is that the proposed solution? I also currently have NEST heat smoke detectors (sorry it is a competitor) but I know my cameras can alert if they hear a smoke/CO2 alarm, could this be part of the solution?

  3. I know many systems offer a cellular back up system for Internet connectivity, again is this something planned for future integration?

Still thinking this one over but at $60, I think I’m going to pull the trigger. Love what WYZE is doing.

Let me see if I can answer some of your questions

  1. There is a siren built into any v3 cams you may have on the system, there is also a siren built into the HMS hub that is 88db

  2. I know they plan to incorporate future additions but the only thing I have heard of so far is the water leak sensor. I do know this is highly asked for and I would hope gets implemented.

  3. I do not know that it is planned for future integration but again is something already being requested heavily.