What have you named your cams/wyze devices?

So… My wyze cam pan is named Wandering Eye,
My first wyze cam v2 is cyclops.
My second cam is batcam (because I bought a bat shaped cover for it from amazon)
My third cam is an outdoor cam called cow-eye (because it came with a little cowboy hat)

But I’ve run out of names :cry:

And I now have the doorbell and 3 new cams.

I’m looking for inspiration, and I’m hoping that maybe your names for your wyze products can help guide me in the right direction.

I’m specifically not looking for location/position based names for my cams, because that’s (IMHO) just too lame. And I want my cams to be fun and have a little personality.

I will graciously accept any suggestions, and I’ll even give you a a personal thanks if I use your suggestion to Name some of my wyze devices.

I’m looking to get At least 3 more cams to replace the older v2’s, and a few other wyze devices so feel free to suggest fun names for them as well.

I thank you in advance.

Front Door
Back Yard
Yadda, yadda, yadda…

If I move a camera I rename it.

My preference is definitely function over frills.

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All of my cameras have a camera number (the order in which I purchased them), The number is labeled on the camera with a P-Touch label along with the purchase date. As shown on one of my older V2 and my newest V3 camera.
Wyze cameras
In the app, each camera is named with the two digit camera number, a hyphen and the location of the camera. If the camera has been flashed for RTSP, the number is followed by the letter R, if it is a Pan camera, the number is followed by the letter P, and it it is a black camera, the number is followed by the letter B. For example:
01R - Mailbox
06 - Johntone main
08P - Garage west
19RB - Driver cam
28 - TBD (have not placed that one yet).
All of the cameras above 20 are V3.

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With over 30 cams, I do the same as most… come up with a descriptive naming convention so I don’t have to remember who’s what where. I use service (color coded symbol) : cam type : location : cam number

I name them all based on what they point at, so door cam, back yard, doorbell ect…

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Fun site!!! Love some of the hillbilly names it generates. :laughing:

If the performance of a camera becomes sketchy, there’s always the WWII acronym Fubar.