A few questions


I’ve been researching the Wyze cam V2 but a few things are not clear.

  1. If I do not subscribe to the cloud service or to Cam plus, will I be able to remotely view my camera when I am not at home and connected to a different network?

  2. I will use a MicroSD card. I read that without Cam plus, the camera will only record 12 seconds of footage whenever motion is detected. If I set it up so that footage only records when motion is detected does that mean that each time there is motion, only 12 seconds will be recorded? What if there is constant motion for 20-30 seconds? Will it still stop recording when it reaches 12 seconds?

  3. Is there a limit to how many Wyze cameras I can have on a network?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Wyze community @steve100!

Yes, you can view all of your cameras remotely without any subscriptions or additional costs! mobile data or WIFI are required.

If you use motion recording with an SD card, the motion will be recorded for the entire event(longer then 12 seconds if needed). if your camera isn’t detecting, you may need to adjust your sensitivity settings.
No subscription is required for this, just a micro SD card (up to 32gb) that’s formatted to FAT32.

There’s no official limit, but they do consume bandwidth (like all devices) and the max amount of cameras will depend on your network. How many cameras would you like to use?


With a MicroSD card you can put it on continous record for days, depending on the resolution you choose.
The limit on the number of Wyze cams also depends on if you are viewing on the local network or from another network.
I’ve about 7V2 cameras hooked up presently in one house. The house has an internet with about an 11/0.8 Mbps download/upload speed. If I set them on SD I can view any or all of them at the same time with my viewing device on the same network with no problem. I go to a relatives with a 25/10 Mbps d/u speed I can only view about 3 of them at the same time with no problem.

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Thanks for the info, guys.

Brlepage, for now maybe one but as I replace my YI cams, possibly another two.

gemniii, I prefer the option to record only when there’s motion so that it’s easier to find footage for when there is movement in the area.

The problem with that is any preset software threshold for movement. Some say SD card movement was preset to 50% on V2 SD card recordings. Don’t think it matters what the percentage was – it just meant something might be missed if it wasn’t moving enough. Solution was to record 24/7, which is what continuous recording is. Event recordings will tell you where to look on the card. That will give you at least 3 days on a 32GB card. If you don’t notice it is 3 days maybe it wasn’t important? Something to consider.

Also a V2 is obsolete. Go with the much more light-sensitive V3. Same cost, better value.


You should have so problems with that amount of cameras.

Just to clear up this part; CamPlus is the only cloud service you can subscribe to. The default 12 second event clips are stored in the cloud and is a free service. This is in addition to whatever you choose to save to the microSD card.
As you are viewing a 12 second Event clip you can tap Playback to take you to that point in time on the SD card recording. This makes finding events in a continuous SD recording much easier.

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I didn’t know that, thanks. (My Wyze SD cards never work long enough to be used for anything.)

I’ve only had to replace one. It was a cheap Patriot that didn’t last long in my camera either.
I’ve been using Silicon Power cards in everything. Cheap but they’ve lasted.

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