5 minute cooldown on doorbell push v2 notifications...on a doorbell?

I grudgingly accept the 5 min cooldown when used without Cam Plus for special AI events (Upsell)…but I’d expect that the doorbell press itself shouldn’t be subject to this. Can this doorbell press be exempted from this? Please!



A ding dong event should trigger, chimes, period. Don’t matter how many times they push or delay… some people are impatient :slight_smile: :wink:


I know, eh?! Argh. It’s a doorbell. That’s its primary job!

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I concur. I can see why a doorbell might have a cooldown/lockout feature if someone is getting hammered by a prankster, annoying kid, or something of the like, but I’d expect that to be a user-selectable setting in the app.

I don’t know how the previous doorbell models’ behavior compares, but perhaps this is one of the things that’ll be ironed-out with a firmware update since this is such a new product. That’s my hope, anyway.


Agree. I think there’s already a do not disturb setting for that where the chime won’t ring (not sure about other notification types) but, otherwise, when it rings I want to know!

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I saw that setting in the app but haven’t yet taken the time to play with it. I installed a Video Doorbell v2 only yesterday and so far have been mostly pleased with its performance. Having it ring an existing mechanical doorbell chime was a major selling point for me, and even though there’s a noticeable delay between the doorbell button press and the actual chime activation, I find that acceptable since the home’s built-in chime function is preserved.

I am not noticing any “cool down” lockout period… I’ve hit the button for the doorbell pretty quick and DING DONG DING DONG each time from the chime. As a recent situation brought this into question…

I think my biggest issue is getting the clowns to push the button and not knock… You can not hear knocking on this door… Unless you use a …well Godzilla or something… :slight_smile: Its a thick heavy door… its not meant to be knocked on… duh… I am going to put a sign on the thing… PRESS ME …

My #1 issues are with the inability to get the Echo Shows to well, a "show (pun! :slight_smile: Here all week, tip your waitress, try the veal…ddadadaadad… I know that this went zoom for 90% here… but… :slight_smile: ) the LIVE STREAM of the doorbell on the Show(s)…the delay on “Person detected, and/or chimes” seems to go up and down…

I think that many of the issues around here could be resolved with some REAL WORLD USER TESTING v. the internal testing… Trust me geeks/nerds, we think different, than “real people.” Again, I’ve been through this… and having to redo something to meet USER EXPECTATIONS AND USE… Been there done it… :slight_smile:

It’s the cooldown on notification and capturing doorbell events that I’m frustrated with. The chime goes every time…as it should

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Yup, agreed, I talked about this in the other thread.
They can keep the 12 seconds video thing, but notification of the button being pressed should not be on the 5 minute cooldown. That basically makes this a regular doorbeel during that 5 minutes period.


This is being worked on, the cooldown should only apply to recordings it should not apply to doorbell press push notifications. This will hopefully be fixed in the next firmware release.


Thanks for the update, @WyzeJasonJ. This would be my expectation of how to handle it. I’m not surprised that there are some issues like this with such a new product, but so far I’m pleased with how it’s working.

Yeah, and I should’ve been more clear in my previous responses, @rec9140 and @sdoxsee. My old mechanical chime ding-dongs every time the doorbell button is pressed, as expected. There’s a slight but noticeable delay, but I suspect this has to do with the way the chime controller and the doorbell handle power together so that the voltage at the doorbell doesn’t drop low enough to turn it off or knock it offline, and I find that to be an acceptable lag.

Right. That’s been my experience. Since I’m relatively new to using a video doorbell, I’m not missing the frequent notifications as much as I might be if I were more accustomed to this sort of thing (and I’m still fine-tuning the generic sound and motion sensitivities to get those notifications to acceptable levels). As long as I still currently have a working doorbell, I’m content for now.

Having said that, I also understand the frustration from other users, and I hope future firmware and/or app updates resolve the issue. I don’t know who here listened to the Community Fireside on Discord during Wyze Week, but I was amused that one of the marketing folk (whose name escapes me) said that she’s not really a fan of subscriptions and really likes the microSD recording feature of the new doorbell (if I’m remembering and paraphrasing her correctly). I understand why Wyze promotes Cam Plus so heavily; however, it’s nice to know that someone on the inside also appreciates having devices that don’t require subscriptions in order to use basic features.

Thanks @WyzeJasonJ !


I was going to buy 2 Video Door Bells v2 until I watched a few Youtube videos. The 5 minute cool down us a joke and a deal breaker. Why WYZE do you have to have this one feature that ruins the reason for having an SD card? You hound us at every turn throughout your APP to add CamPlus which most people don’t want and there is no global way to turn your continuous hounding off. Everything is great on your v2 camera but you have to slip in that 5 minute cool down and ruin it for those who buy an SD card hoping to have full use of the doorbell. There are people who will NEVER want your CamPlus no matter how much you hound them. Why not give them the option to turn the hounding off and give us back the the 5 minute cool down. Even though I have 3 Blink cameras on my front door (only because I’m grandfathered in for life) I though it would be nice to have your WYZE v2 doorbell because I don’t like the Blink. However now I’ll reconsider the Blink.

If you are using an SD card there should be NO Cool down period. Having the SD card should eliminate the 5 minute cool down since that seems to be the only drawback to this camera that many people complain about. Come on WYZE do the right thing and eliminate the 5 minute cool down for SD card users… Thank you from the 1000s of users who hate this feature.

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Crease, I see no cool down functions in the app, for the VDBv2 and I have 2 in operation. It would be under event recording if it existed. Doesn’t disappear even if you have cam plus and I have 2 battery cam pros in operation with the function on cam plus.
What about your Alexa Show routines? Did you get it or them operational for cameras you wanted to display. Post a reply if not and I can post the routine specs that work for me with my Show 8 2nd Generation.

I don’t know why this was directed at me, but I’ll bite.

I’m not quite sure what you mean. I wouldn’t expect to see this as a setting in the Wyze app. My understanding of this topic is that it’s related to the known 5-minute cooldown period between event detection notifications on the doorbell, as noted in the Support article:

§3.3 says this:

Note: If you do not have Cam Plus enabled, there will automatically be a 5-minute cooldown period between thumbnails.

I’ve never owned an Echo Show, so I’m genuinely confused about what you’re asking. :confused::man_shrugging:

Crease: my apology. I should have directed my comments to rec9140 based on his/her post to you on Nov.23. Have to read the threads more carefully.

That’s not necessary, but I appreciate the follow-up. Sometimes I hit the option to reply to a user instead of replying to the topic as a whole. It’s easy to do.

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