3rd party and IP cameras in wyze app

One major annoyance with ALL IOT devices is that each seems to require it’s own app. Having to switch between 6 different apps in order to check cameras around the house is a royal PIA. Would you consider adding support so that cameras from 3rd party vendors like smart things or zig bee et al could be added to the wise app?

I approved your #wishlist submission, but with so much on their plate, I don’t expect Wyze is going to implement this. There is a third party app called TinyCam Pro (Android only) that supports multiple vendor’s cameras. Be aware that if you use such an app, you are taking a risk by giving up your login credentials to a third party.


Check out Tinycam. I’m just a satisfied user, I’m in no way connected with them.

I have both Wyze and Dlink cameras. It supports lots of camera brands. One con is that it’s Android-only.

And oh, the developer posts here.

I have about a dozen ip cameras I would like to add to my wyze account. It would be wonderful if you would add this capability.

I’m not going to replace all of my current system with wyze cams, that’s just not financially responsible, since I already own these. Plus, they are already in place. But if I could add them to the app, that would be great. That way I could eliminate having two systems.


My wish list was merged with this WishList item but I don’t see them as the same.

I’m asking about IP cameras . Not third-party cameras that are specific to a namebrand. this could be anything from an iPhone or an android (there are apps that let you turn old phones into ip cameras) or raspberry pi (in my case) or some other camera that is based on IP alone.

I don’t want support in the wyze app for third-party cameras. I just want to be able to add IP cameras in the app. I want to be able to add cameras based on their IP address on my network.

While this may seem to be a subtle distinction, in my opinion, an IP camera would be simple to add to the wyze app as opposed to a third-party camera from specific brands with usage restrictions and such.

If the moderators agree, would you please unmerge my question so that people can vote on it.


This is one of those cases where yours is a subset of the original request. We’d rather have them together so as not to dilute the vote. But I have changed the title to include IP cameras so that it’s more clear those are being included in the request here.


Ok, thank you.

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