3D Printed Cam Pan Corner Support No Nails or Screws

Hello People.
I have seen some discussion on the Wyze Forum about available corner mounts for Cam Pans. Some are very nicely done that are injection molded. The following is a link to a nice one

Amazon.com: Adhesive Corner Mount for Wyze Cam Pan & Pan V2, Titled Wall…

An issue I have with the down-angled shelf part of the mount is that images captured by the camera when it is aimed close to one of the corner walls are that the image will have an out-of-plumb tilt. For security implementations, this tilt is not significant.

My corner mount options are 3D printed, they are much simpler and equally functional. I recommend using 3M VHB double-sided adhesive tape to mount them. Utilized all of the tape flange surfaces on the mounts for best results. If taping is not practical for your corner surface, you could drill some small holes in the upper part of the tape flange and use small screws for the corner attachment. Provide additional support for the mount, if needed, by taping or caulking one or two 2"x2"x1/8" Plastic squares against the wall and in contact under the mount.

Shown below are my two versions of a Cam Pan Corner Mount:
The first one below is my sloped shelf version.
CamPan Corner Supp Sloped

This one is my level-shelf version.
CamPan Corner Supp Level
The wireframe depictions of these supports is not as nice as the actual printed output.
At normal printer resolution, these supports will take about 3 and 1/2 hours and 13.4 meters of filament to print.

The corner mount renderings below are a more realistic view.
Cam Pans Corner Mounts Render

If you’re fortunate to have a library with 3D printing, costs would be very low.
A 1/4"x20x0.5" Long machine screw in metal or Nylon is needed to attach the camera to the mount and 3M VHB double-sided adhesive tape to attach the mount to the corner. The tape is the most expensive item here,

Below are free links to the stl print files for both types of mounts:
This mount can result in out-of-plumb images because of its sloped shelf.
[CamPan Corner Supp Sloped.stl]
(CamPan Corner Supp Sloped.stl - Google Drive)

This mount has a level shelf and as a result, images are always plumb.
CamPan Corner Supp Level.stl

These linked files are free to print and use.