Need advice on temporary adhesive for pan cam moint

Hi everyone! I bought the pan cam mount about a year or two ago and I just moved into a new apartment. Because it’s a rental, I don’t want to drill any holes in to the wall.

I tried some small Command Strips but the back of the mount seems to be too slippery.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to move the cam and mount from room to room depending on where I leave my dog when I go to work so the velcro aspect seemed ideal. This is not a requirement.

Do you have specific non-permanent items you’ve used to use the pan cam mount?

If you can link to the items that you used that would be super helpful. Thanks so much

Wondering if @WyzeMike or @WyzeGwendolyn might know.

Mount the cam on a piece of wood (2x4) and use a clamp to attach to something …


@Customer has a point, if this is something you plan on moving a lot, a tripod might be the most versatile for you.

Hello, hazelsmom.
Consider increasing the mounting surface area. Take a 3"x3"x1/4" thick piece of wood, something this small could be obtained at a hobby shop. Buy a 1/4"x20x1/2" flathead machine screw. Drill a 1/4" diameter hole in the center of the wood plate. Countersink or carve out the conical shape around the hole to accept the screw. Attach the wood base to the pan cam’s base with the screw. You will have more than twice the surface area for the command tape.
Victor Maletic

I’d also recommend a tripod for this. Wyze Cam Pan is a little heavier than Wyze Cam v2 so I’m not sure what could work for temporarily sticking it to a wall without risking damage to the wall or the camera falling. :thinking:

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