Mounting Can Pan V3 to a ceiling or under outside eaves

Can the Cam Pan V3 be mounted to a ceiling or eaves using the magnetic disk? The mounting guide shows mounting to a wall.

I would not recommend mounting the Pan V3 via a magnetic Base, especially upside down.

Plus the base on the Pan V3 is not magnetic.

You should use the bracket provided, or something similar

The bracket supplied will not mount to a ceiling or soffit. It is designed only for attachment to a vertical wall.

I have my PanV3 cams mounted under my eaves attached directly to the soffit. I had to fabricate a mounting base (PVC Board), drill a hole for the binding screw, and use a Forstner bit to recess the binding screw hole to the proper depth for the screw to reach the cam and tighten. Then I attached the mounting base to the soffit.

That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the pictures. I will make a bracket just like that.

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