Mounting Can Pan V3 to a ceiling or under outside eaves

Can the Cam Pan V3 be mounted to a ceiling or eaves using the magnetic disk? The mounting guide shows mounting to a wall.

I would not recommend mounting the Pan V3 via a magnetic Base, especially upside down.

Plus the base on the Pan V3 is not magnetic.

You should use the bracket provided, or something similar

The bracket supplied will not mount to a ceiling or soffit. It is designed only for attachment to a vertical wall.

I have my PanV3 cams mounted under my eaves attached directly to the soffit. I had to fabricate a mounting base (PVC Board), drill a hole for the binding screw, and use a Forstner bit to recess the binding screw hole to the proper depth for the screw to reach the cam and tighten. Then I attached the mounting base to the soffit.

That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the pictures. I will make a bracket just like that.

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Ran across this DIY Eave Mount… Less than 2 bucks to build (not counting glue to secure washer if you choose)… Can be built in less than 10 minutes with just a screwdriver…(glue drying time is variable if you use glue)…

New Pictures…and etc. (Fender Washer size is 1/4" x 1")… Click on picture to enlarge or see attachment for easy reading…

Shows the modified plate and Wyze mounting screw.pdf (172.9 KB)

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Retir-d! :raising_hand_man:

The creator of that mount is a Forum Member named @great.gonzos. It is a very slick and low cost design.

The original post for the mount is here:

That must be where I ran across it… @great.gonzos did good… I modified mine just a bit as I ran the power cable into the eave and it is hidden by the mounting plate thus no surface wiring is seen… the only part of the power cable seen is where it comes out of the side of the mounting plate to the V3 connection point.

Yes. That is where it was from since those are his pictures.

I like the idea of running the power thru the plate as my power supply is also from the attic into the eave via a USB cord.

You should post some shots of yours.

I’ll be happy to get some shots of my little project but since I’m new to the Wyze world I don’t know how long I will be restricted from posting multiple pictures at once. I was a moderator for a worldwide forum for several years so I know you guys have rules… all forums do… :smiley:

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