3 inch base holder for Wyze Cam Pan v3 recommendation to sit on window?

This sounded like a good idea to set up the camera on my window inside my living room and the camera will tilt and record movement whenever it detects one but the camera is not tall and it is about 3 inch too short to see through everything outside.
What do you recommend that will work with the camera where I can put on it, the camera won’t fall when it pans/tilts

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I have several V3 ( not pan ) that are in that exact situation. My solution is to just use the box that the camera came in. That likely would not work well with the pan however. If it were me, I would just grab a 2 x 4 out of the firewood pile, and cut a 3.5 inch end off of it. That would result in a 3.5 x 3.5, x 1.5 or so inch piece of wood. Then put the camera on top of the piece of wood. If 1.5 or so inches in not high enough, cut a second piece and nail them together to make a wooden cube. If it would show, sand it smooth if needed and paint it white.

Note, with the camera a distance back from the window, you are going to have reflection issues in your video. In my case, the front face of the camera is flush against the glass using the Wyze glass mount and that mostly eliminates that problem.

All of my cams are looking out of a window, expect the one in the garage watching my car. All but the 2 cams sit on a box or piece of wood. Luckily, two set on the ledge halfway up the window on a very small ledge.

My cams are angled to avoid glare, mostly.

I am not good with DIY such as cutting wood etc. anything I can buy on ebay, Esty, Amazon where I can have the PAN 3 stand on it and won’t fall/drop when the camera pans through the window from inside ?

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