32 GB Micro SD card (Wyze) doesn't stay in base station (won't lock into place)

**Just bought Base station with single outdoor cam and 2 additional outdoor cams. and I have 2 issues:

  1. The Wyze 32 GB micro SD card will not lock into place on the base station, is there a trick?
  2. One of the cams has been charging for about 24 hours and show capacity at 40% charged, I’m thinking this one is faulty. Any thoughts?**

It should only take 6-8 hrs to get a full charge,so the camera has a bad battery/cell,and the sd card will not lock into place that camera is bad,try the sd card in the base/hub. If not I would return the item for a new one,if bought from wyze do a warranty replacement at Wyze. Com

Thanks for the quick reply, I do appreciate it. The MicroSD card is for the base unit. In doing more research, Someone suggested trying it upside down, it did plug in and lock. I will need to check if the card is formatted in FAT or blank.

As far as the battery issue, I did put it on-line with the rest of the cameras, we`ll see what happens and how long it will stay working.
Thanks again!

Take apart the bse/hub and see why the card will not lock into place…we have cards in all cameras and hubs

@kae4560 not sure why you would suggest taking it apart and voiding the warranty, if it were an issue Wyze would reject the replacement you suggested if the device had been disassembled.

Sounds as if the SD card locked in after flipping it over.

@mdgs3 Welcome to the forum. For the charging question, did you have the camera powered off when charging? This can reduce charge time.


If it out of warranty then take it apart,if do a warranty replacement at Wyze…if you have never done a request its a big pain in the ass,it’s a very poor design and they move like turtles it will take you about 5-14 days to get your replacement.

They simply were putting the card in upside-down. Fixed now.


That’s weird,sounds like the spring is spring or missing