3 wyze cameras in the front of the house 0 notification triggered

It’s the (lost count) time that these cameras don’t trigger when needed (they trigger ghosts) Sunday afternoon amazon delivery shows up a d none of the 3 wyze cameras triggered (wyze 2, wyze outdoor, wyze doorbell) but I will get a “cute” email from support with “we sorry” and a list of useless recommendations on how to troubleshoot these issues - done these at least 5 times.

WYZE WTF we paid you for?

P. S. This forum doesn’t let me to upload additional videos

You said 0 notifications, but are you not getting notifications and events? Or are you getting events and not notifications?

For the v2 and doorbell, can you post the view from the cameras and what they’re settings are?

For the wco, have you seen this video and if you run through the steps, does that clear anything up? How is the wco mounted?


I use a youtube account and upload my Wyze videos to that, then link them here in the forums.

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This forum doesn’t let me to upload additional videos

@TTM I have bumped up your trust level so you can upload more now.

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