3 lightd on the hub sense for home monitoring

Anyone know what the 3 lights reprsent on the hub sense? I read the description from Wyze, and it does not state what each one represents.

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Closing the loop :wink:


OK. Great. What IF they are ALL on and SOLID white? No matter WHAT you do. I have unplugged, pressed the reset button on the back of the hub until all lights went out, deleted the device from my WYZE App, attempted to reinstall using the instructions provided.

My Sense hub will not sync with the network. The router (ARRIS BGW210-700) doesn’t see it on the network (i.e. it isn’t listed in the devices list on the router).

The problem here is that my door sensors and my motion detection will not set up without the hub in place and for some reason unknown to me (or probably even all of mankind), the system will not install correctly.