Live view on Alexa when person detected

It seems like you know a lot about the system any idea what the three lights represent on the hub sense?

I know a little something :slight_smile:

Are looking for In general or are they doing something specific?

All three are just lit I saw wise’s explanation but wanted to know a little more.

Ask away…

This is the info you have seen already?

Yes doesn’t really say what they represent. Do you know?

The three lights are just that, 3 lights that provide an indicator of the status of the Hub.

When they are on and solid, your system is operating normally

If they are flashing one at a time left to right the Hub is disconnected from your network

Flashing at the same time, the hub is attempting to connect to a device, like a sensor.

No lights…there is no power.


Thanks for explaining that!! You were very helpful.

Happy I could help. If we see anything update on the Alexa side I will update this thread.

When Amazon corrects the issue, you can do what you are asking for via a Routine. I do it when the doorbell is pressed, but you can do it with other triggers as well. Here is a link in the Tips and Tricks:

This is perfect thank you! My wife just accidentally set off the alarm from the basement door she didn’t know that I had it on and you can’t hear the hub when you’re downstairs. Is there any way to know if the alarm is on? Or if it has been tripped? I do have a keypad mounted next to the basement door and an echo dot nearby.

Currently HMS does not provide any Rules to attach to it. So not at this time.

@carverofchoice @R.Good , do yo have any suggestions?

No additional rules today. But there is this wishlist

If you are in Canada routines do not work with wyze.

No usa

I recorded this video to demonstrate the issue:

Valid until May 3, 2022

Anyone have a moment to see the video?

Hello @jrieder46

I just watched it. I have seen this issue recently and there has been some discussion here. Check out this thread. I have been testing daily to see if the service comes back and have open tickets with both Wyze and Alexa Support.

Thx I’m not now I know I’m not crazy

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Any updates on this?

Hi everyone, i have the same issue with Wyze V3 NOT to show the live view automatically when people was detected and announced by Echo show 5.
I recently bought Alexa Echo show 5 (Gen2) and linked to Wyze V3 cam with routine setup. However, the Alexa popped up an Error message " This device is not currently supported " and could be setup directly from the Wyze cam as Ring devices…please kindly update me if there is anything i missed in setup procedure?