2019 white bulbs, color bulbs, sprinkler, outdoor plug all disconnecting daily

For last 10 days or so, all of my Wyze 2019 white bulbs (x5), a Wyze color bulb, Wyze sprinkler, and Wyze outdoor plug have been disconnecting simultaneously. Sometimes once a day, a few times twice per day. All devices are running the latest firmware and my iOS app is up to date. Sometimes they will spontaneously reconnect after 10-12 hours. Otherwise, I need to either delete and reconnect each one with the iOS app or reboot my router. I really don’t think it’s a router issue. The router logs show no problems, and my other home automation systems from WeMo and Harmony have had no problems. Any thoughts?

Side note, but I deleted my 2019 Wyze bulbs and I couldn’t reconnect them on Android or iOS app. Sounds like you were lucky.

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