2 home monitoring and one not viewable or operational

Got 2 HM systems. Hooke first one up in NV after activating the monitoring and all visible and worked in test mode. Fast forward to next day in AZ #2 system activated and added. Test mode works and all is good. BUT I can’t see the first one I installed in NV. I didn’t know until yesterday that you CANNOT have more than one system in and account!?!? Not ok. Secondly when I returned to NV my HM system was off. All devices work and send regular notifications to my phone but I cannot engage the alarm. Work around? Why would anyone pay for multiple systems and not be allowed to use it or see it. I need a work around until this is fixed.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions???


Probably only one option for now…two Wyze accounts. One for NV and one for AZ. Not ideal and not for long term.

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