2.48 app Beta Test 12/4/2023

Where oh where is this beta test…?


Google had held it up and it was supposed to go out again yesterday. I will check in with the team again.


The update is available on the Google Play Store

The Thumbnail show for my v3s appears to be broken again. It is working fine on my pan cam v3. My other two cameras don’t have enough events to tell if they are affected. Log ID 1256974

The option to change the play speed of the thumbnail show is great!

The sound toggle on grouped cameras is a welcome improvement!

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OG Timelapse Share - Critical App Crash

After downloading a Timelapse Video and playing it within the Beta App, clicking the Share button causes an immediate critical app crash and reload. The downloaded Timelapse is deleted in the process and must be downloaded again.

This may be related to the folder in which the Timelapse is being directed for download. The Timelapse is not being saved to the Default Gallery. Instead, it is being directed to a protected folder within the OS Android Data folder which has been restricted by recent Android Version updates.

As a result, there is no way to access, share, or move a downloaded Timelapse other than viewing it in the app only.

Logs 1257009, 1257010

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beta Wyze app for Android version 2.48.0.b376

Thumbnails are missing for all Cam v3 events located at: Wyze app Home > Events tab.

Log ID: 1257063

Also missing Cam v3 images at: Wyze app Home > Monitoring tab


Same issue, no v3 Thumbnails in events.

Log Number: 1257067

In addition, the main home page, there were no icons for the v3 cameras and the Lock Bolt. Streaming the v3 cameras restored the thumbnails on the home page. However, the Lock Bolt Thumbnail still remains missing, image below:


Confirmed. No V3 Event Thunbnails.

Log 1257073

Pan V1 also missing Thumbnail in Device List.

UPDATE: VDBv1, PanV3, OG, and FLP Event thumbnails appear. PanV1 does not. Appears to be affecting all the cams using the older UI.


im also seeing this, it is affecting V2 cams as well, I can, however, see thumbnails for my floodlight pro’s. At this time, that is all I can see as far as thumbnails go.

log # 1257328.


I am now seeing thumbnails for my cam V3’s in the events page and the thumbnail show. Everything appears to be working correctly again!


I received word that Wyze corrected the issue. I am seeing the images as well.


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